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A software however good has to improve continuously or will be outdated very soon in this time of fast technological change. WordPress is highly popular and a strong community around it also is enhanced continuously to make it more and more useful to its users. WordPress generally makes a new release every three to four months.

Generally the ideas for the for the new features are collected from different places like the ideas forum, the support forum , the most popular plugins , some dev brainstorms and other sources. Then with discussions the features of the release are frozen and tasks are created for them.

Now the WordPress team is working hard on developing the features for the new release which is WordPress 3.6. WordPress 3.6 has many cool new features like enhancements in Post Format, a great new theme twentythirteen etc. In this article we are going to do an overview of all these features and what can we expect from WordPress 3.6.

Post Format

Post formats have been in WordPress for quite some time now. In WordPress 3.5 you could select a poster format as shown below.

Even though post formats are present in WordPress since some time they did not have the best UI it deserved. In WordPress 3.6 the admin UI of post formats has gone a drastic change. With WordPress 3.6 the post format is going to be right on top of your editor. The UI of post formats is somewhat inspired by this plugin.

Now based on the post format you select there will be appropriate fields which will be displayed. For example if we select the post format as an image then we can see the image upload select option just below the title as shown below.

Similarly if we click in the link post format we will see a new field for the link url as shown below.

Improvements in WordPress Auto saving

There are some major improvements in the Auto saving of the posts in WordPress 3.6. One of the major things which WordPress wanted to solve for the user is loss of data during the editing of the post. A lot of things can go wrong while editing a post and hence the auto save feature now saves the post automatically in every 15 seconds. This would help you not to loose data in case there is there is a browser crash or an OS crash or your baby walks over your  laptop.

Also if you are editing a post and keep your session idle for long so that the cookie of your browser expires. In that case when you start editing again WordPress will prompt you to give your login credentials right there as shown below. After providing your credentials you can easily continue editing exactly from where you left.

Post locking

WordPress has always had great support for multiple author blogs. In WordPress 3.6 there are features of post locking which helps multiple users to work on the save post without overwriting each others work.In case one user is editing a particular post then and another user sees the list of the post he will be able to see who is editing any particular post at that point of time as shown below.

In case the second user still clicks on edit he will be prompted by the below message where he can go back from editing or take over the editing.

If the user takes over the editing the first user who was editing the post will get the following prompt notifying that the other user has taken over.

These features will be a great help for multiple author blogs.

The great new theme

With WordPress 3.6 there is a completely new default theme bundled with WordPress. As the naming convention of the default themes for WordPress go this theme is called as twentythirteen. The older themes twentyeleven and twentytwelve are also bundled with WordPress 3.6 in case you want to use them you will have to just activate them from the WordPress admin.

The theme twentythirteen has a very bold look and has a responsive s layout. It can be easily viewed on devices of different sizes. As there are a lot of Smartphones and tablets being used to view website twentythirteen layout becomes one of its major plus points. Also twentythirteen has laid high importance on readability and hence it has a very different font from the other default WordPress themes in the past.

It basically has a widgetised area in the footer where you can drop your widgets as needed.It has a single column layout but provides  a widgetised sidebar on which you can add anything you like.

Revision management

Revisions were around in WordPress from quite some time now. With WordPress 3.6 its going to be much easier for users to view revisions and information about it.Keeping multiple authors in mind a very simple but useful feature added is to show the avatar of the revision author on the post edit page.

Also while seeing the revisions and the difference between them the UI is improved to see the information more clearly.A slider is provided using which one can easily see in difference and the changes made in different revisions of the post as shown below.

Menu Admin

The menu system is one of the most useful features of WordPress.With WordPress 3.6 the menu admin interface has become easier to work with.The interface has been split in two clear tabs as Edit Menu and Manage locations.

In the Edit menu tab you can you can create new menu and assign items to the menu:

In the manage menu tab we can we can assign menu to menu locations in the theme as shown below.


WordPress has a very vibrant and a moving community. With the changes in the technology world the WordPress team enhances the features of WordPress so that the WordPress users get the most advance and necessary features as the part of their WordPress installation. With every release of WordPress , WordPress becomes more and more useful to the user.

The WordPress release 3.6 is a major leap forward as it has many interesting and useful features which one can use in his site built on top of WordPress. So have fun using the new features of WordPress 3.6


  1. Serge May 3, 6:11 pm

    Looking good :) can’t wait for the update to actually come out :)

  2. Lee May 4, 4:51 pm

    WordPress is a continuously evolving entity that, thanks to the many talented members of the vibrant WordPress community, will continue to be the most popular blogging platform but also providing a solid infrastructure to many non-blogging web sites.

    With every new version, WordPress delivers excellent features by listening to its users and the WordPress community. I look forward to finding out what new features are upcoming.

  3. swapnil May 4, 11:01 pm

    By the way nice article about upcoming WordPress. These are the best features i think which will make WordPress 3.6 better. Post revision and post type are very good features in this upcoming WordPress.

  4. Pantho Bihosh May 8, 5:03 pm

    Happy to hearing all features of WordPress 3.6. No can’t wait for the release version. Anyway, thanks for the nice article.

  5. George May 14, 8:55 pm

    Wait, can an editor “take over” a post that an Admin is currently editing? I hope that there is a system in place that limits who that can take over who.

  6. Ben May 25, 11:24 am

    It looks great but for now kind of confusing for me & somehow not quite relevant with the way things are these days. For example the ‘Status’. It might have worked if this was released years ago when social network just started to bloom, where the only form of status or tweet possible is text. But now, my understanding of a ‘status’ update could be anything. It could be just text, could be an image or gallery of images, or even bunch of videos. What do we call this kind of ‘status’ then?

    I don’t get why don’t they develop the post type instead, i think that’s more making sense. I don’t know maybe because its still in my head and not really using it yet.

  7. Animish Jun 3, 7:42 pm

    This update seems to be a very drastic change. I am very eager to see it installed on my blog.

  8. haiwei Aug 3, 8:03 am

    Does that mean that the video does not support custom poster?

  9. Hadi Farnoud Oct 13, 11:18 am

    WordPress is already outdated. just check out how awedome Drupal became.

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