Free and Premium WordPress eCommerce/Shopping Cart Themes


With passage of time and advent of newer technologies, WordPress has gone through a sea of change since its early days. Now it is no more considered as only a blogging platform, but a serious online shopping platform complete with the WordPress eCommerce themes. Companies and business houses like to use WordPress for their eCommerce or shopping portals since WordPress provides them some finest support and easiest availability.

With the growing business ideas and industries, companies and business owners like to create websites that make a clear and thumping impression of their business on the psyche of their customers. WordPress give them the chance to do this in a flawless manner with its several outstanding eCommerce or shop style themes. That is why more and more online shops or eCommerce sites are now developed with the idea and power of premium WordPress Shopping Cart themes. There a several plugins to make these themes functional for you. These plugins are easy to install and use as well. These premium eCommerce WordPress themes are effective and efficient in use and professional and neat in look. They are well designed and well organized by professional developers, which ensures the top class quality of your eCommerce or shopping sites.

The stunning yet simple designs of these themes provide your sites a unique look that makes it user friendly but at the same time catchy as well. People love to visit these kinds of sites since they find them easy to browse. Most of the free WordPress eCommerce themes are easy to handle for both the site owners and the user of the site. They have lots of features that may seem attractive to the visitors. Moreover, these themes are available free in the market. You can try them for your online shops and get huge support for your business through these themes.

Along with some simple yet attractive themes there are eCommerce WordPress themes that have some complex features as well; those who try to present their shopping sites in a different way to the visitors can try these themes. And for those who want to be uncomplicated and minimal in their first ventures the simpler themes of WordPress eCommerce will be a better idea. All of them have the option of shopping carts in order to make the shopping easier and smoother for the visitors of the sites.

Free WordPress eCommerce/Shopping Cart Themes

AyoShop – Responsive eCommerce Child Theme

Velvet Sky

Crafty Cart

Online clothing shopping



  1. Rachael Mar 8, 12:07 pm

    I like the look of some of these templates, I haven’t built an e-commerce site in WordPress and these themes give me ideas of the kind of things which are possible to create with WordPress, even just judging them on a technical level rather than the design, I’m sure they all contain a process which could be helpful for someone looking to create an e-commerce site through WordPress.

    I think my favourite designs and layouts here are Stored, Aventador and Fresh Shop, they all look like a great base for starting a store off, and being able to make a brand yourself through changing colours, logos and fonts.

    Thanks for the post, I hope it will come in useful in the future.

  2. hendrik Mar 11, 5:30 pm

    While WordPress carts seem to score high in the design department, I have yet to find a WordPress E-Commerce solution that offers a sophisticated browsing feature beyond a simple price slider and “browse by category”.

    As layered navigation becomes way more common (think sites like istock or photolia) in conventional E-Commerce frameworks, WordPress carts are still lacking behind. I’ve tried most of the above and did not see anything close to it. One exception might be the shopperpress solution (not listed here) with quite a bit of features to define a layered navigation type. However, it stil lacks dependencies between drop downs.

    Does anybody know of a WP cart with a state-of the art layered navigation?

  3. aliseya Apr 1, 5:00 am

    These themes really do look great, but for now I still prefer to create a shopify theme when eCommerce is the main feature of the site. However, if anyone has any strong arguments why a wordpress eCommerce theme is better, I’d love to hear them.

  4. fabnomics May 28, 7:28 pm

    Thanks for sharing these are nice, I ve been looking for good ecommerce themes for a while now. But everytime i upload it i end up getting an error. Using the copperific theme at not sure if this is what is causing it? if anyone knows holla at me,

  5. Jake Smith Aug 1, 2:27 am

    anybody notice that all of these 25 free templates are free if you pay 55 bucks? why does this exist if 24 of the 25 templates are pay for premium templates?

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