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15 Professional Form Plugins for WordPress


Whether you’re in need of a feedback system, contact form, or a survey, there are plenty of options out there for you. This list provides fifteen different WordPress form builders and form plugins for you to truly optimize your WordPress site. In general, none of these absolutely require you to make changes to the code yourself. Instead, total customization with CSS, HTML, or PHP is provided as an option for individuals who know those codes. In any event, a professional contact form is something that can take your website to the next level. It’s important to use them to create a lasting link between your clientele and yourself otherwise it can lead to some backlash.

If you have a WordPress site, however, the process is much simpler than you might imagine. It’s likely that you’ve gotten used to how WordPress works, and the ease with which you can literally plug in certain plugins is second to none. That’s why WordPress is such a valuable commodity for website owners. Another great thing about WordPress is that is entirely open-source. This means that it can be edited and altered in any number of ways by changing the website’s code.

But, changing the code isn’t all about knowing programming language and complex computer syntax. In most cases, you only have to install plugins to alter the code (unless you want to alter the code manually). If you’re thinking about adding a contact form to your website, then there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Most of these options don’t require extensive knowledge of CSS or PHP code. All you have to know how to do is install them and go on your way. For the best form builder plugins, consult the list below and make a selection based on your own unique needs.

Form Builders and Plugins for WordPress

Quform – WordPress Form Builder

As one of the premier form builders on WordPress, Quform has consistently provided users with simple interfaces and exceptional contact forms. They provide a drag and drop builder that lets you construct your forms from the ground up. They also allow the data submitted with the forms to be transferred to you via e-mail. It also comes with many different themes and styles for you to fully customize your contact form.

AJAX Contact Forms (for WordPress)

This AJAX-powered contact form gives you an elegantly-designed and eminently useful contact form for your WordPress site. It uses HTML and PHP codes and can be edited if you know PHP. Whenever feedback is sent through the contact form, you will be notified immediately via e-mail and Twitter direct messaging. It also utilizes CAPTCHA verification.

Usernoise Pro Advanced Modal Feedback & Debug

Online HTML Email Template Builder

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Unlike most other contact forms, this one actually allows for the display of public feedback in a modal window used for public discussion. It provides four different categories of feedback—ideas, praises, questions, and problems—and is virtually spam proof in and of itself.

WordPress Email Ticket Support Plugin

This plugin is simple for users and also simple for the webmasters themselves. The support form is broken down into several fields, and each new piece of feedback receives an associated ticket. These tickets and the feedback will be organized in an inbox and you will be notified immediately of any new tickets through e-mail.

FormEngine – WordPress Contact Form Wizard

This plugin allows you to create many different kinds of forms, though is primed mostly for contact forms. They have several different options for contact forms in terms of text boxes. They also provide form builders, CAPTCHA support, and CSS editing.

Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress

This plugin isn’t a contact form builder in and of itself, but it does allow for multiple files to be uploaded at once. Thus, any feedback, questions, complaints, or comments can be uploaded simultaneously with the click of a button.

Creative Unified Forms

This form builder gives you the ease and control associated with a dynamic WYSIWYG editor. It allows you to create all kinds of different forms including contact forms, feedback forms, and even quizzes. All you have to do is drag and drop the specific options into the required fields and then you’ll be ready to go.

Modal Feedback Form for WordPress

This plugin provides your WordPress site with an instant feedback button. A feedback lightbox will appear for the user to enter their feedback. This product allows you to view all the feedback in the convenience of your WordPress administrative backend. You can also be alerted about any new feedback by e-mail if you’d like.

WP Feedback, Survey & Quiz Manager – Pro

As the name suggests, this plugin will allow you to create feedback forms, surveys, and quizzes. Once these objects are published they will be open to the public. They can then be analyzed to see how you could better improve the inner workings of your website.

Modal Contact Form for WordPress

Much like their modal feedback form, the modal contact form for ninetydegrees includes a “Contact Us” button on your website. It uses the same lightbox function while also grabbing the IP addresses of any submitters.

Age Verification System for WordPress

If your WordPress page has any adult content, it’s important for it to be virtually cordoned off by an age verification system. That’s exactly what this plugin does for you. It creates a form that makes individuals verify their birthdate and accept your terms prior to entering your site.

WordPress Ajax Contact Form with attachments

This plugin allows users to give feedback along with attachments. If they’ve drawn up a particularly lengthy piece of feedback in a separate file, they can just upload it with this contact form. This also utilizes a “drag and drop” security system that is safer than CAPTCHA in most cases.

Mapped contact form pro WordPress

This plugin utilizes Google Maps to let every potential customer know where your operation is based out of. Anytime anyone opens up a contact form, they will see where your business is and be able to make a proper complaint or comment.

WPContact – AJAX Contact Form

This is a standard contact form plugin that utilizes AJAX so as not to waste any of your own bandwidth, which is the real benefit of AJAX. The design of the contact form is simple, sleek, and full of customizable options.

Creative Feedback Form with Voting System

This innovative feedback system allows users to create content and then have it voted on by other users. For instance, one user might develop an idea, and that idea will be available to a wide range of other users to vote on. Of course, you’ll be able to see these votes and make decisions based on what the users seem to prefer.

There are certain facets that every website needs in order to call itself professional. Of course, the navigability, aesthetic quality, and exceptional content make up a bulk of that rule. Still, other options need to be added to a site for it to appeal to a wide customer base. Having a high-quality contact or feedback form can effectively link you to any clientele. Most websites are going to feature some kind of contact form so that their customers and visitors can connect with them in some way. For some individuals, it might seem daunting to try to look for an adequate contact form.

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