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One of the most important aspects of website success is having a solid hosting/server provider because a slow or non-functional website is inefficient for every business. If you use WordPress, it is important to understand that not all companies are ready to host your website. That’s why we recommend specialized hosting for WordPress websites.

In this article, we’ll review a WordPress hosting option that really can help you to maintain your website.

Best Cheap Option for WordPress Hosting

One of the best cheap WordPress hosting services is SiteGround, which offers good prices and many features. Let’s compare prices. In the graphic below you will see the actual cheapest prices for WordPress hosting with different companies.

WordPress Hosting Prices

WordPress Hosting Prices

How you can see the price winner is SiteGround. At $3.95 per month, there is a really big difference between prices of other providers. The second is InMotion at $3.99.

I think in this case we should dive into the technical side of WordPress hosting offers.

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WordPress Hosting Speed Test

We tested services with Pingdom using the USA server. Here are the results.

WordPress Hosting Speed Test

GoDaddy (679 ms) has the best speed, followed by SiteGround (1.27 s) and inMotion (1.86 s).

If we make a conclusion at this step, the best option for price/speed is SiteGround. Yes, the GoDaddy is fastest, but it’s one of most expensive hosting options.

Free WordPress Hosting

The majority services offer a money back guarantee, from 20 to 60 days, and it’s a good opportunity to test the service. Only SiteGround has a refund option plus big discount for the first period of use, so you can test the hosting’s full potential.

WordPress Hosting Features

The price and the speed of service are important, for sure, but let’s check what services are offered to be sure that you can easily operate with your hosting and launch as soon as possible.

In the examples below, we examine the SiteGround account because it is the price/speed test leader.

WordPress Hosting Features

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cPanel Account

cPanel is an easy tool to use and manage your server and hosting;  you can create FTP accounts, emails, setup SSL, check security and many other options.

cPanel Account

Also, the cPanel includes the Softaculous feature that will help you to install the desired software with just one click. For example, WordPress users don’t need to upload it to a server using FTP, just use Softaculous.


If your website grows fast, you need scalability. For example, your website gets shared by another website with thousands of subscribers, you can react fast and up your website resources so your website will not be down.

Security Hosting

Security is one of the most important factors for every hosting company; you want highly secured servers that protect your website from hacks. Hosting is fast, no matter how much traffic you have, so your website should load quickly.

Security Hosting

WordPress Hosting Documentation

SiteGround has detailed documentation on migration and setup. If you have issues, just ask the support team, which is always online.

WordPress Hosting Discount

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We highly recommend using SiteGround as your hosting provider because we have tested our product on this service and it runs exceptionally well, without any issues. So, if you use our product, go ahead and add SiteGround to the complete package.

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