Why Do We Recommend WP Engine WordPress Hosting?


One of the most important aspects of website success is having a solid hosting/server provider, because a slow or non-functional website is inefficient for every business. If you use WordPress, it is important to understand that not all companies are ready to host your website. That’s why we recommend specialized hosting for WordPress websites. In this article we’ll review a WordPress hosting option that really can help you to maintain your website in 2015.

Best Option for WordPress Hosting

One of the best WordPress hosting services is WP Engine, which offers good prices and many features.

Scalable WordPress Hosting

If your website grows fast, you need scalability. For example, your website gets shared by another website with thousands subscribers and you can react fast to up your website resources so your website will not be down.

Secured WordPress Hosting

Security is also one of the most important factors for every hosting company, you want highly secured servers that protect your website from hack attacks. Hosting is fast, no matter how much traffic you have, your website should load quickly.

Money back? With WP Engine, you have 60 days to request a refund if you aren’t satisfied, but we think you will be really happy with it.

Prices for WordPress Hosting

Before creating an account you have to choose where your website will be located. At this moment they have three options: United States, Europe (London) and Asia (Tokyo).

You can use the WPEngine coupons and save some money.

If you have a local business, for example just for Europe, or your traffic comes from one European country mostly, choose the Europe (London) as the datacenter location. Also, before creating an account you can choose a CDN option (additional $19.95, absolutely the best price for direct CDN service).

Who are WP Engine clients?

WordPress Hosting

There are many big clients with high traffic counts using WP Engine such as Asana, Balsamiq, SoundCloud, New Relic, Buffer, Foursquare and more. This hosting is trusted by big brands in the industry.

WP Engine has detailed documentation on migration and setup. If you have issues, just ask or call support, they are always online.

WordPress Support

We highly recommend using this hosting provider because we have tested our product on this service and it runs exceptionally well, without any issues. So, if you use our WordPress theme or plugin, go ahead and add WP Engine for the complete package.


  1. Derrick Dedmon Feb 13, 11:38 pm

    I like WP Engine. I have a few WP sites hosted with them, however I ran into 1 issue that even their managers would not resolve for me. The issues was with their SSL policy. In order for you to have an SSL of any type, you are forced to have the Professional Package which cost a whopping $99 a month…

    So, if you are a small business owner and need 1 site with 1 SSL, WP Engine will cost you $99 monthly… That is crazy expensive, compared to other hosting services.

    I brought this to their attention, and even spoke to a manager, but no luck getting the policy changed.

  2. Nicky Feb 12, 5:08 pm

    As far as for WordPress hosting, Wpengine is the best. But if they reduce the pricing , it will be much better. Inspite of these Coupons, its still too expensive !

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