WordPress Security: 10 Essential Plugins


Today blogging has become an integral part of life. Millions of people write blogs everyday expressing their views, ideas and comments along with sharing poems, articles and even jokes and puzzles. And among all the blogging sites WordPress is the most popular one. It is a great platform with unique features and utilities. It also has inbuilt security features but still hackers are more intelligent than we think of and so they are always hunting for a chance. Therefore this threat perception needs to be boldly faced. In order to minimize these attacks, there are some good WordPress security plugins and WordPress tips available.

Here are snippets of information regarding some of the best and most widely used security WordPress plugins. Login Encrypt – This is also a good WordPress plugin to install. It will encrypt the login info using the RSA and DES combination. It make use of the JavaScript and encrypt the password of the user and then generates a special DES key which the user can use to login into the account.

WordPress Database Backup is one of the most important security WordPress plugin that you require to install immediately after installing your WordPress blog. This plugin will help you to backup all your data and all other contents to your preferred destination- email, hard disk or any remote server. If any unwanted incident happens you will be able to restore everything from the backup files. WP Security Scan – plugin scans your entire WordPress blog and will let you know if there is any security threat. It also hides the version of your WordPress blog and remove the Meta tags from the core so that hackers can do nothing.

Anonymous WordPress Plugin – You can use this WordPress plugin to stop hackers from knowing your blog’s URL, list of installed plugins, version no. etc. Installing Anonymous security WordPress plugin will strip off your WordPress blogs URL and version number and show empty plugin list. Chap Secure Login – If you are not using a secure connection such as SSL for password protection then you have a choice to install this special WordPress plugin to encrypt passwords. It will be using the Chap protocol and hide the passwords and transmit it encrypted. Thus you can remain worry free from password hacking which is the most common problem faced by bloggers.

WordPress Security Plugins

WP Maintenance Mode

WP Maintenance Mode

WP Security Scan

BulletProof Security

Secure WordPress



Login LockDown

Content Security Policy


Fast Secure Contact Form

Better WP Security


  1. Janyson Apr 14, 9:28 am

    I am using bullet proof security and wp security scan both are awesome and i think enough to ensure the security.

  2. Peter May 24, 1:34 am

    These security plugins can be helpful in providing extra layers of protection for a wordpress installation. Keep in mind though that like any plugin; you must monitor and be aware of updates to the plugins. Upgrading to the latest version is always recommended as security issues are often resolved in plugin updates.

    Yes there has been occurrences of security vulnerabilities – in security protection plugins!

  3. jerome Feb 17, 6:45 pm

    Nice post
    i just want to add WordFence to your list
    This plugin adds also a firewall
    very useful for wordpress

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