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22 Free and Premium WordPress Slider Plugins


Sliders for WordPress is a tool that adds the option of changing the pages with the help of tabs or automatically. Off late, the WordPress sliders have become extremely popular thanks to their highly innovative as well as catchy get up. These sliders have augmented the user friendliness as well as visual excellence of the web pages by many folds. This has helped in drawing the attention of the users and increasing the traffic of various websites.

There are certain free sliders for WordPress which are based on jQuery. These sliders have give the users the options of customizing their requirements in a better way. Some other free WordPress sliders contain almost all the features of jQuery plugin such as the plus a customized administration panel along with a number of options that will help the user in management of the slides. One of the best WordPress sliders give the users over a properties each of which is customer-specific other than over a hundred effects of transition effects, more than ten types of skins or get up apart from a number of added features.

WordPress Slider Plugins provide a number of easy-to-use ways to create extremely elegant sliders for the sites which are powered by WordPress. These sliders let you to get rid of clumsy customized fields as well as URLs. The user even do not have to manually resize the images before uploading into the website. There are certain sliders for WordPress which can easily be navigated through the admin panel of the WordPress. They are extremely easy to be installed and the user does not have to have any coding ability for that.

The user may have the requirement of an image rotator or a banner for advertisement. There are specific sliders for that as well. Off late, certain WordPress sliders have been developed which support even the three dimensional  transitions! Most of these sliders contain as many as ten spectacular 3D transitions apart from as many as ten extremely advanced two dimensional transitions. The process of online coding has been an area of concern. In order to negate this dilemma, various types of sliders for WordPress have been developed which do not need online coding.

Free WordPress Sliders

vSlider – WordPress Image Slider Plugin

jQuery Slider Shock

jQuery Slider Shock

Easing Slider

Nivo Slider

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WordPress Slider Plugin, WordPress Slideshow Plugin WP – SlideDeck

Premium WordPress Sliders

WordPress 360º Image Slider

Pixwall slideshow for WordPress

Sublime Slider for WordPress

jQuery Carousel Evolution for WordPress

RoyalSlider – Touch Content Slider for WordPress

Fullscreen Background Image Slider WP Plugin

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