Words UI – User Interface Kit

Words UI is a large user interface pack for web designers and developers. This one-stop shop pack includes all the necessary elements for your project and site. The package contains site elements such as posts, testimonials, lists, blocks, quotes, block quotes, hint, podcast, image sliders, menus, recent activity, galleries, tabs, news forms, events, documents, comments and views, social buttons, and many other components.

Words UI was created on one of the world’s most widely-used 12-column modular grid. All components are created with Photoshop Vector Shapes (the size of the elements can be changed without any loss of quality) and are distributed as PSD files. Components are grouped into folders and layers.

Helvetica Rounded and Proxima Nova fonts are used in Words UI. They aren’t included in the package and must be purchased separately. Words UI was created by Vladimir Kudinov and Sergey Shmidt.

Don’t forget to download The Bricks Framework. (It’s free). The Bricks Framework is the core for all add-ons released for Words UI.

Also, do not forget to buy our previous packs Forms UI, Elements UI and E-commerce UI, which are also add-ons to The Bricks Framework.

Words UI Add-on – User Interface Kit

Words UI – User Interface Kit

14 Responses
  1. Booth Oct 8, 12:47 pm

    Another good pack, congratulation.

    Just for recommendation, yes i know all these addons are in the bricks style, but try to make other kits, in other styles. I love to choose products from different type, style and colors.

    • Franca Oct 8, 1:09 pm

      True story, i mean many kits with different styles :)

      and strange, but you no have competitors in this field.

  2. Ceermend Oct 8, 12:50 pm

    very good addition to all previous packages. now developers have many materials to make good websites and applications.

  3. Mike Stead Oct 8, 12:54 pm

    First: very good work guys.
    Second: nice minimal style for this packs series, i hope in future you will make in the same style or maybe more colorful elements.

  4. Peter Gilber Oct 8, 1:06 pm

    Good, these elements are very easy to use in coding. Your PSD’s are very intuitive organizing.

  5. Joel Motten Oct 8, 8:28 pm

    It is the last addon or not? if not, how may addons you planned?

  6. Vladimir Kudinov Oct 8, 8:40 pm

    Joel It is the last add-on

    • Joel Motten Oct 8, 8:45 pm

      Thank you for response. Do you have plans to develop the bricks and addons?

      Do you have plans to launch for new UI Kits or something like this?

  7. Vladimir Kudinov Oct 8, 10:54 pm

    Yup, I hope we can get The Brick for developers with all add-ons in the near future. We working hard and very soon we’ll introduce you Developers version. Stay in touch Joel!

  8. Eugenio Oct 9, 2:10 pm

    thank you! These resources can be really handy and useful :)

  9. Mox Talinder Oct 10, 9:55 am

    Waiting for developers version!

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