WordPress 4.9.3 is Delayed; WooCommerce 3.3 Ready to Roll

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Initially scheduled for Jan. 30, the release of WordPress 4.9.3 was rescheduled for Feb. 5. A delayed RC and, subsequently, a short testing window are the reason behind this delay. Stability is a critical element of the WordPress ecosystem, so the more thorough testing, the better.

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JShint Removed From Official Repository

So, what’s new in the not-yet-released WordPress? Well, it’s an update for developers mostly. The most important change is the removal of JSHint from CodeMirror. The replacement is the result of JShint’s GPL-incompatible license.

Excerpt from GPL

JShint is replaced with esprima and a custom wrapper for basic JavaScript linting. The code editor will show compilation errors, but formatting errors won’t be displayed. And while the component won’t be available in the official repository, if your code relies upon JSHint from the core, update it to include a copy of JSHint.

Other notable fixes and enhancements include:

No-Code Email Template Builder

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  • #15397 redirect_guess_404_permalink() doesn’t guess posts with updated dates
  • #42643 No download link if an FLV file cannot be rendered
  • #42686 Default selected changeset status should not be ‘publish’ when current user does not have publish capability
  • #42693 WordPress sends an “admin email address was changed” message to you@example.com on new install
  • #42697 Missing translations update section

You may want to have a look in Trac for a full list of closed tickets.

The beta package for 4.9.3  is available to tinker with, so go ahead and test your project compatibility. And if you find a bug or two, don’t forget to share it with the community.

WooCommerce Upgraded with Revamped Features

And while the latest WordPress is, mostly, an update for developers, the “neighbors” at WooCommerce throw in some long-awaited features and tweaks. While it’s a minor update, you’ll get some long-awaited features.

Revamped Orders Screen

WooCommerce revamped orders management new feature

The design of the Orders screen has been revised to allow easier order management. Large, clear buttons replace the old small, confusing icons. Order items and details are now viewable on the Orders screen. Finally, you can get new orders without having to edit an existing order.

Read more about the latest improvements here.

Automated Backorder Management for Products with Managed Stock

WooCommerce automated backorder handling new feature

Products on backorder now feature a stock status. If a product has stock management enabled, as soon the inventory decreases, the stock status will change automatically from “In stock” to “On backorder” or “Out of stock.” When inventory is added the product status will automatically switch to “In stock.”

Low-Code Website Builders

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More on this feature here.

Automatic Thumbnail Regeneration and More Options for Aspect Ratio of Store Images

WooCommerce aspect ratio new feature

The latest updates bring automatic thumbnail regeneration for images. Before, when changes to a product image were made, WordPress wouldn’t resize the image automatically. While this missing functionality was mitigated with various plugins, with WooCommerce 3.3 thumbnail regeneration and background thumbnail resizing happens on the fly.

The aspect ratio of product images in your shop can be easily tweaked and customized to fit your needs: classic square images, custom cropped pictures or even uncropped images options are available in the latest release.

But There is More

The latest update brings additional features, long expected by users such as:

  • Improved compatibility with themes
  • Live preview of site display settings in the Customizer
  • Extensions search from the admin Extensions screen
  • Improved setup wizard
  • Support for products shortcode pagination and support for product tags

For developers, the latest performance tweaks for the CRUD design pattern for WebHooks, new sample data for populating and testing demo and development sites, and “add_theme_support” feature should be incentive to enjoy the update.

Update WooCommerce

The latest iteration should be a safe update. The team behind WooCommerce has been doing plenty of testing, compatibility checks and QA on an increased number of units and integration tests. Of course, don’t forget to backup your instances. It’s a golden rule that shouldn’t be neglected in any circumstances. You don’t want any extended downtime, especially on an e-commerce site. You know that your competition is doing back-ups, don’t you?

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