How To Write Effective Design Tutorials


A proper and effective design tutorial serve as marvelous learning tools for students who want to have a proper grasp of the subject. Creating such effective design tutorials comes normally to many but there are others who are not fully comfortable with it. Such tutorials if written and designed properly can connect with a wide range of audience and help in popularizing its author.

An effective design tutorial serves as a mentor and has a great sense of responsibility to educate the newbie’s who wants instant help for their problems regarding the topics that they are interested in. The following points should be followed clearly when you try to write a proper web tutorial.

1. The most important thing while writing an effective design tutorial is to see if the person developing the tutorial has enough experience in developing the same. If the author lacks a good understanding of the subject that he wishes to teach, then the tutorial developed by him would not be of higher standard and the tutorial would fail to leave to its .

2. Another point that should be addressed is the need of the tutorial, i.e. the subject of the tutorial and its need. A subject which has many tutorials might not be the best thing for you to write as there would be many ‘competitors’ in the market.

3. Another point that needs to be noted is the knowledge the author has over the readers of the article. An author should know exactly what his target audience wants and what he/she can provide to them.

4. While developing effective design tutorials, the author should go through the steps that he/she writes. For e.g. if a author wants to write about a topic like ‘creating a button effect on Photoshop’ then he should take the pain to recreate the same steps in his own PC as that would help him to understand the intricacies of his subject better and also helps him to have a ‘feel’ of how the students  interprets him.

5. Author should provide as many screenshots as he can. This would help the tutorial to be more interactive and allow the readers to understand the topic faster. The Author should develop a unique style of their own with which the readers can ‘recognize’ him.

6. Author should also keep an eye on how hard his language is. A simple and lucid flow of words would help the students to have an instant connect with the article and make the tutorial much better.


  1. Kat Sep 24, 11:15 pm

    The first point has nothing to do with writing an article and everything to do with consuming one. It also fails to finish itself.

    Point 2 and 3 are confused by the screenshots below them. What are those images supposed to communicate?

    For point 4, how can anyone possibly write a design tutorial if they have not actually done the work? It would not be possible to get the screenshots required otherwise.

    For step 6, you could take your own advice there.

    Most other articles on this blog are consistently good. This one is not.

  2. Johnny Nov 9, 2:53 pm

    who wrote this article, sincerely it’shard to get him/her, so because photoshop tutorials is a competitive market does that mean i have to give other tutorials, what if i’m only specialised in photoshop?

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