11 Professionally Designed YouTube Channels

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YouTube, worlds most favorite web video channel upload almost ten to twenty thousand videos regularly. All the channels are built to serve the professional purposes. YouTube organizers don’t use the high price equipments always.Well; it never demeans the quality of the content. From the inception of this video channel, YouTube is equally popular among the Movie studios and professional media houses. Some of the YouTube contents are so highly defined that it claims to beat the quality of well scripted Hollywood movies. Learn about 10 professionally designed YouTube channels from this blog.

“Vevo” this channel is the best choice who has an ear for best music and audio records. Check Vevo for updated and good quality music videos. Apart from the latest music, Vevo also publish interviews with the song writers and the members of selected bands. So, music lovers must opt for this YouTube channels design to be in touch with their favorite rock stars and to discover the unknown facts about them.

Relive your biking spree, follow the top geared bikers live on the YouTube channel – “Top gear” This channel is designed with some of the clippings of BBC TV show, named Top Gear. The users are supposed to watch some of the heart throbbing moments of involving automobiles, including amphibious cars or tip across America. Check out how your favorite celebrities are test driving the updated cars. Other excitements are also there.

Fun lovers should opt for the channel “Annoying Orange” A highly animated channel with new episode every week. The episode comes with the frustrating, bad tempered orange comes back with tits another fruity friends .If you prefer fun, and practical jokes entertains you in the true sense.

Examples of YouTube Channels




Disney Interactive Studios

Charlie McDonnell

Motorola. Europe.


Nike Football

Audi Deutschland


Top Gear


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    Can someone give me some tips on how about to put clickable Facebook and Twitter icons in a YouTube background?

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