How to Create a Website Using Qards


Qards is a responsive website design plugin for WordPress, work with all kind of themes, that helps you create a great website in a matter of minutes. The tool uses sets of prebuilt cards to help you customize and design a site without coding to fit your needs.

This video lesson will walk you through changing images, uploading logos and customizing a site. You can also add a custom URL and all existing text blocks on the template cards.

Qards allows for easy code free customization or you can change the CSS or HTML yourself in the creation of a website. Every item in the card set can be changed and saved in any manner you like.

What you will learn in this tutorial: How to create a website in no time using Designmodo’s Qards tool and its main features.

Video run time: 3 minutes


  1. Rasmus Jürs Dec 8, 3:44 pm

    How is this different from you Startup framework theme?

    It is a very nice design but a plugin should add functionality, not replace themes. With all the talk about semantics in the industry, this is a very confusing product to me.

    • Adrian Dec 8, 5:19 pm

      This plugin doesn’t replace functionality of the theme. It works perfect with all kind of themes.

    • Bond Dec 8, 11:14 pm

      In my opinion this looks like a replication of tools that should have been in an update of Startup ported to a completely new “plugin” that we have to pay for, not that I mind, you guys make awesome tools but having purchased Flat-UI-Pro, Startup Framework, and Startup WordPress, this seems the same functionality, only different usage. For example, you say, Startup WordPress is a theme and this is a plugin? Why should I pay for this when I already have that?

  2. Ben Dec 8, 5:57 pm

    Two pre-sales questions.

    1) The video says that you can export subscribers. I assume this means that all subscribers are just saved in the database until export. Will there be future integrations with email marketing systems including the ability to add more fields than only email?

    2) How integrated with WordPress is the plugin? For example, can I pull in custom menus, widgets, or any other WordPress elements?

    • Adrian Dec 8, 6:30 pm

      1. Yes, if we’ll have new design blocks with Name (or other) input.
      2. We have a few custom menus that you can use. I’m not sure how about other elements, but you can try the online demo and use the plugin how do you love.

      • Ben Dec 11, 1:35 am

        I did try the demo.

        From what I can tell in the demo it looks like all Qards have to share the same menu. Every menu inside the entire Qards system must be one single WP Menu. You have different menu styles (looks), but only one actual menu (list of links).

        I also have not found any way to pull in any other information from WordPress itself such as widgets.

        • Adrian Dec 11, 8:14 am

          Ok, now I understand. Yes, you should use the default Qards menu. Thank you for suggestion about menu.

          Qards doesn’t support widgets now.

        • Jono Apr 3, 9:03 pm

          Ben, I am in the same boat. I need the Qards header and footer to be identical in design and mobile response to the theme used on non-Qards pages. Here is what I am going (unfortunately) try:

          1. View a non-Qards based page
          2. Copy the header HTML from the page source
          3. G to my Qards page and insert a new menu part
          4. Edit the menu’s HTML and paste in the HTML copied from the source

          In theory, although a terrible idea, this should work. I may have to hot link to some CSS and JS too, but hopefully not.

          As it is now, Qards cannot be used as part of a WordPress site if consistency from page to page is a concern.

      • Guilherme Aug 22, 9:09 am

        I have seen that some people asked about the integration with social links, slide galleries and form blocks, are all of those available already ? I am interested on working with Qards.

        • Adrian Aug 22, 7:51 pm

          Hi we’re working fora new functionality. I can’t guarantee which features we’ll have done.

  3. Egor Dec 8, 10:37 pm

    And I’am repeat the first question: How is this different from your Startup framework theme?

    • Adrian Dec 8, 11:34 pm

      Qards is a plugin and has new blocks and features.

    • Vladimir Kudinov
      Vladimir Kudinov Dec 9, 8:10 am

      Egor, There is so much difference in this two products.
      1) Totally different design style. Every block here it’s a powerful component with a bunch of different layouts and parameters.
      2) Different logic. It’s a plugin, so now you can use Qards with your lovely WP theme.
      3) Qards it’s not all about components amount, it’s about consideration of each component. Here you can see only necessary components that every day we can see in the Internet. In the near future, the difference between the two products would be more evident.

      I guess you need to check the demo of Qards ;)

  4. Gabriele Dec 8, 11:42 pm

    Just tried the demo. it works fine. Beautiful design. But for me, the features are too basic. I couldn’t see for example how to add social icons. I mean, how can this product compete with competitors like OptimizePress or Profit Builder. I’m using both, but would like to change to something smoother like this. But so far, it’s too basic for me. I hope you will add new features soon and so will consider to buy it. Thanks.

    • Adrian Dec 9, 9:34 am

      We’re going to launch new functionality very soon. Stay subscribed for our news :)

      Thank you for suggestions.

      • Gabriele Dec 9, 9:46 am

        You’re welcome. For my current needs, I would definitely buy if you add:

        – social icons

        – test box with Title only (without any subtitle or minor text)

        – possibility to make the test tile bigger. Right now the biggest is not enough for a great page title

        – individual and personalized buttons (if you integrate with Paypal or Stripe even better. But would be enough to edit the text button and link)

        – different arrow styles to include in the design

        – possibility to add a simple contact form

        Let me know as soon as you’re ready. Looking fwd to it ;-)

  5. Jps Dec 8, 11:48 pm

    Does it work easily with shortcodes and other wordpress features?

    • Adrian Dec 9, 12:19 pm

      Yes, you can use shortcodes. Other features? There are many features, we can’t test all of them.

  6. Nawaat Dec 8, 11:56 pm

    Great plugin, what is not clear though, is how it deals with posts? Does the plugin allows us to modify the design of the already published posts? And does it feat with a bootsrap wp theme?


    • Adrian Dec 9, 9:38 am

      You can’t use it for posts now, but we’re going to do this.

      • Michael Dec 13, 1:30 am

        +1 for posts. Personally, I would be happy with the posts style from the Startup Framework, and Qards header/nav.

        This would seem like a top priority since WP is a blogging platform at heart. ;)

        • Jono Apr 3, 9:06 pm

          Agree Michael, or just make Qards work more seamlessly with WordPress blog pages.

  7. JPs Dec 9, 10:55 am

    Not sure why my first comment disappeared. I was asking if we can easily use shortcodes or if it’s like Startup “theme” which is basically an advanced hrml editor hosted in WordPress.

    I also tried your demo of Qards and it seems to carry same issues: as soon as you edit html (I simply removed a tag), the whole block becomes un-editable (using visual editor).

    Still missing the whole point of designing WordPress tool if they’re not using any WordPress capabilities.

    • Adrian Dec 11, 10:17 am

      Hi, yes, you can use shortcodes directly in your block, just edit HTML and put your desired shortcode.In the next tutorial we’ll describe how to integrate contact form 7 plugin with our plugin.

  8. Jinson Abraham Dec 9, 11:23 am

    I am always excited when you guys come out with a new product. Qards is no different and it looks awesome. I checked out the demo. The ui is awesome and and it functions like a breeze. But upon the test ride I felt it is not delivering everything I hoped from it.

    Image blocks – I would like to have the option to access my wp media library to fetch images along with straight from my comp.

    For Feature, Text, Grid etc, I would like to have the option to access Posts/Pages or widgets area.

    Menu, you got it right. It is accessing the custom menu, exactly how it is supposed to.

    What I would love to see more are social media buttons, image slideshow section, image gallery section like a masonry grid, a contact form section etc.

    All that apart, it is a great tool and I am waiting to see it grow.

  9. Debois Dec 10, 8:17 pm

    Good product but their is no enough functionality (slider, image gallery, social btn, small contact form, google map..).
    Did you plan to add more elements?

    One Import question: is a developper whose use this plugin can build is own custom elements to fit is need (with ou without editing plugins source code: is their a template folder a something to add somme new custom blocks?)

    • Adrian Dec 10, 8:31 pm

      “Good product but their is no enough functionality (slider, image gallery, social btn, small contact form, google map..). Did you plan to add more elements?”

      Yes, a few of these features are ready to be released soon. We should make some tests.

      You can’t have “custom blocks”, you should change the code of plugin.

      • Debois Dec 10, 9:22 pm

        Ok thanks for new features ^^.
        I wait for them and I will try QARDS ( and I think I will try to build some “custom blocks ” with some core modifications (I will take a look) . However this functionality would be great : a user folder outside the plug for customisations where we can put our own “Blocks” ..)

  10. Gabriele Dec 10, 11:01 pm

    While waiting for the new features to be released, could you you publish a little guide on how to add a few simple features (now missing) with coding? That would be enough for me to buy the product.

    • Adrian Dec 10, 11:39 pm

      We’re working for new tutorials. Which features do you want to see in our tutorials?

      • Gabriele Dec 11, 7:32 am

        My wish list, at the moment, is this:

        1) social media buttons. At least Facebook, G+ and Twitter. I mean, I need the +1 button for G+ and the Like button (of the webpage) for Facebook. Not the sharing button. In case both would be better. But I need at least the like page

        2) test box with Title only (without any subtitle or minor text)

        3) possibility to make the text title bigger. Right now the biggest is not enough for a great page title

        4) individual and personalized buttons (if you integrate with Paypal or Stripe even better. But would be enough to edit the text button and link)

        5) different arrow styles to include in the design

        6) possibility to add a simple contact form (name, email, text box)

        7) possibility to change the text color. I can’t remember if this option is already available

        8) bullet list

        9) line separator (to add in between blocks)

        10) Pricing table

        11) Optin form with a few more design options

        12) possibility to change the background color of each block

        That would be enough for me to buy it ;-)

        Thanks, G.

  11. Andreas Dec 11, 2:07 am

    i think i also have to wait for more features available, now it just has not enough features to be “production ready”, at least for my opinion. But i have to say that the start is very promissing!

    I find the inline editing options very limited. There is not even a “center” button for text.

    When i edited the html / css code and saved it, all the inline functionality was gone! I dont know why but i could not edit it anymore. Thats a huge bummer and not really a small bug.

    I would like to see a “custom card” where you can drag and drop features on the canvas as you like.

  12. Leo Dec 15, 3:19 am

    How about more WooCommerce options? :)

  13. Aaron Dec 23, 4:02 pm

    I just purchased Qards and I can see the potential in it after building a test page on my own site rather than using the demo. And just like the others requests im all in for those as well… My only issue is that im not a CSS guy at all, and Id love to know if theres going to be tutorials for things like the CSS etc… I really do hate the “IM-ers type themes” (well, not hate, but just over them all together) – thats why i bought qards is to get away from the cheesy looking Optimizepress / JVzoo looking sales page sites/themes. I really hope that you guys can come up with more updates with the features requested as well as some more in depth tutorials for guys like me ;)

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

  14. Brian Anyau Dec 24, 10:18 pm

    When will you add a tutorial showing how qards integrate with Sensei(Learning management System for WP) and how to upload Vimeo/Youtube videos with Qards??

    Also when will you show how to add Social Icons on the footer/header with Qards?

  15. Mubasher Mar 8, 3:43 pm

    I have purchased both- the startup framework theme and Qards plugin.

    I am a novice user and new to wordpress with no programming skills. I purchased this as I do not have a designing background but want an instant site from frontend and not to spend correcting the design but simple drag/drop procedure.

    Startup framework theme:

    However though I’m impressed with the smooth process of creating the pages with ease the theme is limiting me with the options as I would want to create my own blocks/ styles. One flaw I noticed was when creating another page I couldn’t add the menu to it unless I bought along a header (which included an image). Eg ‘contact us’ page I dragged the contact block onto it and expected the page to have menu but none there unless I bring a header block.

    Also no shortcodes allowed.

    Qards Plugin:

    In relationships to Qards plugin it is basically an upgrade to the theme with more functionality to edit but I don’t understand where a plugin has images/videos but no capability to add a slideshow which I would have thought being a basic for any website builder.!

    Again no capability to add custom blocks which would be very handy.

    Now after trying both I would go with Qards and not the theme because it’s very limited and Qards plugin has near enough everything the theme provides but more apart from slideshows.

    Something I would love to see for Qards is where you can add shortcodes into the ‘custom blocks’ menu and drag them into the page wherever you like. Oh and let me mention slideshow functionality AGAIN.

    Good products and I’m happily using Qards and expecting updates.

    • nicdweb Mar 9, 1:43 pm

      @ Adrian .I’m agree with Mubasher: I can’t image Qards without a slideshow function. Do you plan to extends Qards with a slideshow ?

      • Adrian Mar 9, 1:51 pm

        You can use any slideshow plugin, just be sure that this plugin use shortcodes. Copy/paste the shortcode in the Qards block and that’s all.

  16. Aaron Mar 9, 9:14 pm

    Just giving a shout out to @Adrian and @Edvard for their awesome customer support! Thanks fellas ;)

  17. Adam Apr 27, 9:01 pm

    Please can you add more fields into the subscribe form? Such as name and location? Or the option to define these ourselves?

  18. James Jul 12, 2:01 am


    I bought Qards and it is pretty nice.

    One query I need to ask is how to stop an image opening up down the bottom of the site.

    I have an image with some text below it. The image has no link attached to it, but when i preview the page, the image is clickable. At first I thought it went nowhere so it wasn’t a big deal, but then found out that it places a copy o the image at the bottom of the page.
    How can I stop this without me having to start making various css rules to stop it.

    Thank you

  19. Twomen Sep 9, 8:39 am

    Hi, it is possible to have a multi-language website in Qards? (One synchronized design, two different contents). Some tips on how to solve this problem please?

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