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It’s a fast and easy way to start your business presence online, with the help of pre-designed blocks.

No code online web page editor

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Powerful online editor

Add, clone, move or customize design elements in any pre-designed block. Each element has lots of possibilities, so you can easily make any landing page layout your own.

Easy to customize

Create responsive landing pages without writing a single line of code.





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Create screens directly in Method or add your images from Sketch or Figma. You can even sync designs from your cloud storage!

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Add pre-designed blocks

Create landing pages by adding new blocks

No code online web page editor No code online web page editor

Edit the content online

With the Startup editor you can edit and customize content visually, so there's no need for a backend content system. Once you’ve finished the customizations, you can export and publish your website or landing page.

Change styles globally
Download your website
Customizable Design
Incredible speed

Change styles globally

Easy change all text styles with one click. No need to change every piece of text and elements.

Download your website

Export your website which includes all images, text, and styles directly to your computer.

Customizable design

Create a landing page from a collection of 150+ pre-designed blocks. Just pick the sections you like best and combine them. No matter what, it’ll look fantastic.

Incredible website speed

Startup App streamlines your workflow. It’s the fastest version yet - boosting your productivity with an incredible user experience.
Try it for yourself!

Host your website in one click

Startup App is fully integrated with Now it’s easy to host your website online with a one-click integration.
Your website will be online in one minute!

Static website hosting by Designmodo

Drag and drop an archive with your landing page or website and we will take care of the rest.

Learn more Fully integrated with

SSL certificate

No hassle of adding SSL to your website. provides a free SSL certificate.

Custom domain

Add a custom domain name in a few clicks or use the free sub-domain name.

Media storage

Store content for your website right in (like images, videos, docs, PDFs etc.)

Code editor comes with a code editor so you could change your pages directly in your account.

Our roadmap

Here’s a roadmap of what you’ll get in future updates and what we’ve already done.

Globally accessible blocks

Global block (navigation, footer, etc.) if edited, the changes will be applied to all pages that contain it.

Easier integrations setup

Set forms integrations directly in our app.

New integrations

More integrations with external services. Full list will be published later.

Popups category

New category will include Accept cookies, Privacy policy, etc popups.

Team feature

Create your team and work together on one project with the extended Team plan.

More elements in UI Kit

More ready-to-use elements like Accordion, Badge, Collapse, List, Popover, Tabs, Toast, Tooltip.

SVG library

Use only icons that you need, add your own, store them all in one file to increase page loading speed.

This list is supplemented!
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Improved editor

Edit any element without coding. All settings are available in the editor.

Bootstrap 5

New Startup 5 runs on Bootstrap 5.

No jQuery dependency

jQuery is no longer required and not included by default. You can add it at any time if you need it.

UI Kit in editor

Added library of ready-to-use elements - create an element with one click.

Projects Feature

Collect your pages into one project, use the same styles for the whole website, create multipage websites.

New blocks design

Now you have 156 brand-new blocks designed from scratch.

Dark & Light blocks

Each block is available in light and dark versions - choose the most suitable one for your purposes.


You'll never lost your changes with new Autosave feature.

Device preview

Check how your page looks on different screen sizes. integration

Publish and host your website in one click.

Duplicate blocks

Duplicate your customized block and continue to change it's copy.

Move elements between blocks

Move elements from one block into another.

Custom code for the whole page

Add your own CSS, JS code, Facebook pixels, Google analytics codes, etc.

Linking website pages

Link your website pages without thinking about their names.

RTL support

We plan to add Right-to-left language support for our customers in the near future.

Custom code element

Add any custom code (HTML, CSS, JS) to any part of your page.

Auto-backup website pages

We’ll save the latest 50 versions of your website. You could revert back the website version at any time.

Basic SEO optimization

Change meta tags, favicon, open graph, body classes directly in our app.

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These world-class design teams already use Startup

Startup customers reviews

People talk

Murat Mutlu about Startup

Bahadir Balban

Founder at Tech Buzz

The Startup drag & drop builder by Designmodo provided flexibility on mixing components. The template variety also helped create unique pages.

Murat Mutlu about Startup

Jacob Jacquet

CEO at Rezi

Using Startup Bootstrap website builder was one of the key decision that contributed to Rezi’s early success. The value is unmatched for young startups.

Murat Mutlu about Startup

Mark McGrotty

Design Lead at Deloitte Digital

Used Startup theme generator for the core components and responsive layout. Very intuitive (if familiar with Bootstrap) and good documentation to follow.

Murat Mutlu about Startup

Gleb Kuznetsov

Designer at Milkside

Startup has the best interface for bootstrapping product websites and services.

Murat Mutlu about Startup

Abdo Mallah

Entrepreneur and investor, CEO at Sowlutions

Designmodo provides easy drag and drop Bootstrap website builder that are trendy. Startup tool is a good tool if you do not want to spend a lot of time coding your own website from scratch.

Murat Mutlu about Startup

Bryan Smith

Web Developer at Pixelsum

We created our second company in the last three years; this newest venture wouldn’t have been possible without Startup app — end of the story. We are able to go from wireframe to finished product 3x faster. The last one was entirely finished on mobile: Startup export > Working copy > Textastic. It’s mind-blowing. Five stars aren’t enough for all you do.

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