Startup Design Framework Suit Up your Startup

We have created a new product that will help designers, developers and companies create websites for their startups quickly and easily.

  • Beautiful Framework

    A high-quality solution for those who want a beautiful startup website quickly.

    Many Components

    There are a lot of different components that will help you create the perfect look and feel for your startup.

    Block Model

    You can easily combine components in a variety ways for different design projects. It’s easy!

  • Ready to Code

    Each component is coded for web which makes creating a website quick and easy.

    Based on Bootstrap 3

    HTML layout is based on one of the most common and reliable framework - Bootstrap.


    We used only time-tested technologies for the best results.

  • Benefits

    Startup Framework includes great form options for your startup projects.

    Save Time

    Take a break from the routine and spend your time brainstorming ideas for your business, not your website.

    Save Money

    Startups can save money on design and code and use those savings to develop the business.

Demo Version

Learn more about Startup Framework in the light demo version. It has components from the full version, two great samples and documentation. You can also find two images of a Macbook and an iPad, which you can use in your projects. We hope you will like this introduction to Startup Framework!

View Demo on Github
  • What’s in the Demo?

    11 Components

    2 Samples

    2 Pictures

  • What's in the Full Version?

    100 Components

    25 Samples

    14 Pictures

Focus on Design

Many Useful Components

Startup Framework contains components and complex blocks which can easily be integrated into almost any design. All of the components are made in the same style, and can easily be integrated into projects, allowing you to create hundreds of solutions.

  • Responsive Layout

    We haven’t forgotten about responsive layout. With Startup Framework, you can create a website with full mobile support.

  • Clear Grid

    Components and blocks are fixed to the common and popular 12 Grid system, something designers and developers can agree on.

  • Retina Ready

    Startup Framework works on devices supporting Retina Display. Feel the clarity in each pixel.

Components: Content Blocks
Components: Content Blocks
Components: Blogs
Components: Headers
Components: Contacts
Components: Crew
Components: Footers
Components: Headers
Components: Price Tables
Components: Projects
Create a website with these components using generator

Twenty Five Awesome Samples

The most important part of the Startup Framework is the samples. The samples form a set of 25 usable pages you can use as is or you can add new blocks from UI Kit. By choosing one of the 25 configurations of the future startup, the process of creation is simple and easy.

  • Easy to use

    To get started, you select the desired sample and base the entire website on it. It’s that simple!

  • Variety of designs

    You can decide whether to create your site using UI Kit blocks or samples. The blocks can merge together in various combinations.

  • Feel our design

    Samples will show you the feeling on how to play around using the components in the website building process.

Sample 1
Sample 7
Sample 7
Sample 5
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 2
Sample 6
Sample 9
Sample 8
Sample 11
Sample 17
Sample 10
Sample 4
Sample 18
Sample 22
Sample 13
Sample 15
Sample 14
Sample 23
Sample 19
Sample 16
Sample 21
Sample 21
Sample 25
Sample 24
  • Showcase

    Two perfect examples of live sites using Startup Framework: Crumbs and Hipsta Food. These guys have a passion for cooking food and they are really a good deal.

  • More Than Image

    We prepared some HQ photos that you can use in your projects. When you have to present an app or website on iPhone, iPad or Macbook, these images are available. It’s a quick solution if you don’t have ready-to-use images.

    • Smart Layers

      Put the image with your App screen inside the Smart Layer and get the photo.

    • High Resolution

      Photos are saved at a size of 2.5K and will work even for large sites.

    Photos are by Anton Repponen from his world travel. If you would like copies for commercial use, contact him directly.
  • Documentation

    Documentation is important to help you, the developer, get to know the product. We tried to describe all the components, provide set-up instructions and troubleshoot commons issues.

    • User Guide

      You’ll get a description of each component and learn how to connect and use them.

    • Video Tutorials

      Video tutorials will show you how to make a website from design to code.

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