Flat UIPro

Flat UI Pro is made on the basis of Twitter Bootstrap in a stunning flat-style, and the kit also includes a PSD version for designers.

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Useful Elements

Flat UI Pro contains a huge number of basic components, icons and glyphs, which simplify your work when it comes to new projects. Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel, use Flat UI Pro to get started.

Basic Elements
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    A Lot of Components

    All the elements that are contained in Bootstrap, plus a few more.

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    Bootstrap 3 Based

    HTML layout based on Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap is a trusted, reliable and proven tool for developers.

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    Responsive Layout

    Expand your audience. Create a website with full mobile device support.

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    Save Time

    Generate new ideas; design new projects. Spend your time creating, not building basic parts.

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    Retina Ready

    Each element is made with vector-based shapes, so they work at any size. You can even print a billboard.

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    Color Swatches

    It's easy to change the appearance of elements and switch colors using embedded color swatches.

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    Perfect Matching

    Components are made using the same styles and match each other wonderfully.

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    Grid-Based Design

    Designed with alignment on 940/12 column grid. Sharp icons and glyphs include pixel-alignment.

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    Extremely Light & Fast

    Light and clean code installs with ease and is only few kilobytes.

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    Free Font

    No expensive fonts here. Let’s use open-source fonts.

Bootstrap Based

Why is this important? Bootstrap is a reliable and proven tool for developers, validated in the field. It reminds us of Superman, a friend you can trust completely with a serious project.

  • OOCSS Approach

    Object-based coding method encourages code reuse and creates faster and more efficient style sheets, which are easier to add to and maintain.

  • Bootstrap 3 Support

    Now Flat UI Pro is supporting Bootstrap 3.

  • Configurable Color Scheme

    You can change any or all of the colors if you wish. Flat UI is easy to configure and match to your brand's color scheme.

  • Easy Installation

    Upload all Flat UI files and paste one line of code at the bottom of your <head> tag. That’s it!

Icons & Glyphs

Flat UI Pro includes 100 SVG icons and 50 iconic glyphs. Illustrations add a visual interest and can make your interface easier to understand.

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Icons & Glyphs
  • Icons in SVGnew

    Easily change size and colors right from HTML. No raster images from now on.

  • Vector Icons

    Vector images are easily stretched to full-color illustrations.

  • Original Layers

    All layers are original and unrasterized, making modifications a breeze.

  • Glyphs

    Use glyphs in your buttons, inputs or headers. Use it as a icon-font as well.

Vector Icons with your custom colors


Swatches are convenient – not only because you can easily change UI elements - but for ease in changing icons as well.

  • color-1
  • color-2
  • color-3
  • color-4
  • color-5
  • color-6
  • color-7
  • color-8
  • color-9
  • color-10
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Color Swatches Included

Use the Photoshop preset file with basic colors to easily pick and change colors.

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Fast Prototyping

Flat UI is a powerful tool for quick and convenient prototyping of your projects. It will fit most projects because it contains up-to-date and modern web elements.

Aligned to grid

All elements are made with 12-column grid alignment, which significantly simplifies the process.

Design β†’ Layout

Draw your design in Photoshop and use layout tools to quickly animate your site.

Responsive Layout

Our layout works perfectly on any modern platform, including mobile. You don’t need to create any extra code.

  •  Mobile
  •  Tablet

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For Designers
  • Photoshop 5.5+ PSD File
  • Organized Layers and Folders
  • Vector Based Graphics
  • Documentation
  • Free Fonts
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  • Features from PSD&HTML
  • Smart Way to Use Kit
  • Low Price Deal
  • Documentation
  • Free Fonts
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  • Bootstrap-Based Layout
  • Retina Ready Icons & Graphics
  • Responsive Layout
  • Documentation
  • Free Fonts
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