About Designmodo

Founded in 2010 by Andrian Valeanu, Designmodo delivers useful information about the web design and development industry. In 2011, Designmodo began to create and sell premium UI kits. That evolved into creating advanced website builders made exclusively for web developers, making Designmodo a pioneer in UI kits and static website builders.

Designmodo also provides articles, tutorials and industry news about trends and techniques, in addition to services such as the Designmodo Shop, Designmodo Market and Designmodo Jobs. The website is visited by professionals from small- to large-sized companies and is used as a reference by many design and coding schools.

We hope that our history makes us different and you enjoy our products and services.

P.S. We launched (Beta) on August, Friday 13th,  2010, official release February 2011.

If you would like to advertise your web design and development oriented business or website on Designmodo, check out our Advertise page for more information or check our listing at BuySellAds and see the variety of advertising options we offer.

If you have a blog, website, email list or Social Media accounts then you can join the Affiliate Program and earn a 25% commission on every purchase. When a visitor comes to our website and buy our Products from your link, you get 25% cut on every purchase the user makes. Expect to receive your affiliate share between 12th and 15th of the following month.

Did you know that “modo” is the Italian and Spanish for “method”,”manner” or “way” and the Latin for “now, just now, only”. Well we are happy to let you know that here at Designmodo we have our own way to share only creative designs and code with all of you and we do it with pleasure.