Creativity is to think more efficiently

Take a walk. Dance a jig. Get some sun. Don’t take yourself too serious. Cook something ethnic. Play the 3 chords you know on guitar. Go get coffee.

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Many focus on embracing what they can control and letting go of what they can't — a helpful approach when you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

  • Amazing app.

    I love this app - the functionality and look and feel are second to none! One of my top 5 apps on my phone! So glad I found it.

    by Mahmud12323, Some Store

  • Simple and effective.

    Well, I couldn’t find anything like this app. Amazing and simple user experience, looking forward on new updates!

    by ValeriaHolls, Play Shop

  • This app is just priceless.

    Thank you developers for making my life that easy, just can’t live without your product. Cool work, take a high five!

    by 12348293, MicroStore

  • Great - simple and really useful.

    Like the interface, but app can be better and I believe, that developers will fix bugs ver soon. But anyways, great job!

    by Johansonn94, Amarket

  • Great design is transparent

    A chair is the first thing you need when you don’t really need anything, and is therefore a peculiarly compelling symbol of civilization.

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Smoke & Mirrors

Design is a form of competitive advantage. People tend to think of design as good art, good visual language, which it absolutely has to be.

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