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Static website generator, create websites easily.

Generate beautiful, animated, static websites with your creative direction in a matter of minutes. Yes, minutes.

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  • Image Image Image
  • What is inside

    Catapult your idea with a sleek presentation.

    Mix and match the layout from a huge collection of slides, that elegantly present your idea with taste and aesthetics.

  • Update

    Fast and beautiful.

    Create amazing experiences with 10 most-used topics to deliver high-quality content to your users.

    • Ready-to-use template
    • Ready-to-use template
    • Ready-to-use template
    • Ready-to-use template
    • Ready-to-use template
    • Ready-to-use template
    • Ready-to-use template
    • Ready-to-use template
    • Ready-to-use template
  • Slides 6 new slide Slides 6 new slide Slides 6 new slide Slides 6 new slide
  • Update

    Get 140+
    new slides.

    In this update, we've added brand new standout slides in

    versions that will make your website shine.

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  • Feature

    Scroll or Slide Your Pages.

    Create both

    pages, whichever better fits your project narrative. Slides are better for presentations and showcases, scroll for everything else.

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  • Scroll or slide effect Scroll or slide effect Scroll or slide effect Scroll or slide effect Scroll or slide effect Scroll or slide effect Scroll or slide effect
  • Unlimited abilities

    Create and edit pages online.

    Keep and maintain multiple pages in separate projects. Edit the content, upload media, add meta-tags and much more...

  • Meet our framework

    Clean-looking code that works really fast!

    Built with HTML, CSS, and JS. Slides include code that’s easy to understand and easy to change. With no harm to page speed.





Seamless integration

Host your pages online with

Slides app is fully integrated with
Now it’s easy to host your website online with a one-click integration.

  • What is is static website hosting where you can host your websites using the drag and drop functionality, or a direct integration with Slides.

  • website hosting integration
  • SSL Certificate

    No hassle adding https to your website. We provide a free SSL certificate for you!

  • Personal Domain

    You can add your own domain name or use the free sub‐domain name.

  • Code Editor

    The online editor will help you to make changes directly in the website code.

  • Media Storage

    Store static content for your website right in (like images, videos, docs etc.)

  • Help from the start

    Learn Slides Framework with Manual & Tutorials.

    Slides comes with a complete framework documentation and video tutorials to help you from scratch.

    Slides Framework Documentation
  • Enhanced

    Explore Built-in Design Elements.

    Pre-made UI elements and Typography classes are a great way to start your project and save time.


Get even more.

There are a bunch of perks to deliver the best experience.

  • Unlimited Projects

    Unlimited Projects

    Neither projects nor pages are limited for all users.

  • Always Online

    Always Online

    The websites you create will work even if you cancel the subscription.

  • Design Resources

    Best for SEO

    A static website performs better than any CMS due to a lighter setup.

  • Regular Updates

    Regular Updates

    Every month we develop updates to make Slides even better.

  • Affiliate Program

    Affiliate Program

    Apply and earn a 25% commission on affiliate sales.

  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Have technical issues or questions? Contact us via chat, available 24/7.

Worth every penny, if you have basic HTML knowledge. It helped us get an exceptional landing page up and running in no time.

Darren J Smith review on Slides 6

Darren J Smith

An extremely fast and flexible solution for realizing any creative idea, but what’s most impressive is the level of support — truly unprecedented!

Bogusz Szurkowski review on Slides 6

Bogusz Szurkowski

Slides Framework is intuitive, easy to work with and very neatly coded. It was no brainer to work with by all of our staff members with no learning curve.

Dmitri Rassadkine review on Slides 6

Dmitri Rassadkine

The masters at Designmodo have made a beautiful website builder that just plain kicks butt. What are you waiting for? Make your life easy and buy it.

Jeremy Boom review on Slides 6

Jeremy Boom

Slides is a dead-simple yet infinitely customisable way to quickly create breath-taking websites and presentations — it allowed me to focus on content and design, not worry about programming!

Nikola Vukovic review on Slides 6

Nikola Vukovic

I've built websites for more than 20 years. By using a beautiful and well coded framework like Slides I can now offer an affordable solution that my clients fall in love with, which I don't have to spend weeks building.

David Couillard review on Slides 6

David Couillard

Slides gave us all the tools need to quickly create a marketing site, without the hassle and overhead of a full blown CMS. Fast, secure, and easy to tailer to our needs.

JP Holecka review on Slides 6

JP Holecka

Your service is awesome! I'm a designer by trade with some coding knowledge but this is great even for me.

Michael Kirlew review on Slides 6

Michael Kirlew

This is easily one of the most exhaustive frameworks for constructing a landing page with style. The code is exquisite, customization is fantastic, and the Slides code generator can save hours of toil.

Jake Rocheleau review on Slides 6

Jake Rocheleau

The Slides is an inctext-orange pible tool that did not limit my creativity to the development of my website, really helped me to promote my business and presents it in a surprising way.

Leandro Rocinny review on Slides 6

Leandro Rocinny

Slides is an awesome solution for web presentations which are necessary for startups at any stage.

Boris Goncharov review on Slides 6

Boris Goncharov




No credit card needed.

  • Limited Slides
  • Limited Effects
  • Limited Options
  • No Support
  • No Credit Card needed



/ per quarter

$199 billed annually. Save $37.

  • 20 Exports per month
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Project Management
  • Support and Updates



/ per quarter

$249 billed annually. Save $67.

  • Unlimited Exports
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Project Management
  • Support and Updates
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