Best Alternative Email Builder to Mailchimp

Still trying out various Mailchimp email editor alternatives in order to find the great email newsletter builder for your campaigns? Try Postcards.
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Best Alternative Email Builder to Mailchimp

Why Postcards Email Builder is a Better Mailchimp Alternative

One of the biggest drawbacks of all the Mailchimp alternatives is that they are overly complicated for beginner users. All-in-one platforms always focus on providing comprehensive functionality that, as a rule, leads to poor user experience.
A Great Deal of Pre-Made Blocks
A large number of pre-made blocks is what makes Postcards the best Mailchimp alternative. None of the existing email builders can offer such broad functionality. See it for yourself. Mailchimp offers only 13 functional units for you to manipulate with text, images, social media, videos, and buttons.
Unlimited Use
Postcards has more than 100 pre-made blocks that are gathered in layouts and sections so that you can quickly add a footer, header, navigation, testimonials, e-commerce, and others to your template. With Postcards, you are free to use your template wherever you want - and that’s important.
We were looking for something that gave our marketing team more control over email layouts without having to deal with the complicated module builder in Hubspot. Postcards is super simple to use and means we can quickly create different emails for different segments.
Murat Mutlu, Co-Founder/CEO of Marvel App.
Easy to use email builder for those who want a beautiful email newsletter quickly.

Mailchimp Alternative Email Builder

The great thing about Postcards is that unlike Mailchimp alternatives, it is a pure email newsletter builder. It ditches all the clutter and focuses only on two important things: good user experience and great functionality, available for everyone regardless of the budget, skills, and ESP.
3-2-1 Done!
Postcards is packed with features and field-tested layouts, still working with the platform is a piece of cake. Choose the block, drag it into the area, and edit it. Check out our video to see how it can be easily done.
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Postcards vs Mailchimp Email Builder Features

Mailchimp is a powerful marketing platform; however, when it comes to its email template builder that stands behind the core of every email marketing campaign, the functionality pales in comparison to that of Postcards.
Agency Plan.
Premium Plan.
$ 25
$ 299
Hosted Projects
Send Email Campaigns
Team Collaboration
Design Modules
Advanced Editor
Transactional Emails
eCommerce Emails
Google Fonts
Version History
Annual Price
Postcards was exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to easily design responsive emails for our newsletters. Designmodo team was fantastic in quickly responding back to my question if they honored a nonprofit discount!
Paige Dearing, Senior Director of Marketing at
Create and edit email templates online without any coding skills.

Why is Postcards a Better Solution?

Why is Postcards a better Mailchimp alternative? The answer lies in its features that will surprise you. While the Mailchimp email builder offers a small collection of email newsletter templates and basic functionality that leads to the limited scope of possibilities to let your imagination run wild, Postcards potential takes it above the competition.
Direct Email Preview
Forget about the guessing game that Mailchimp alternatives offer in their email builders. Make customizations and enjoy their impact on the layout without moving anywhere.
Mobile Optimized
Whatever device your subscribers use to surf through their mailboxes, your message will be delivered in style. Postcards’ newsletters look great on not only mobile screens but also tablets and large desktop displays.
Version History
No more “starting over.” Version history allows you to return to the latest stable version and build on that, avoiding all the consequences of new and untested solutions.
Cloud Image Hosting
Store your images on our server and forget about the issues of finding hosting or lacking in free space. Our server is working 24/7 providing the best deliverability for your images.
Collaborate with Teammates
Postcards is more than just an email builder. As a valid Mailchimp alternative, it offers teammate collaboration on the project. Therefore, create email newsletters that are improved by all the members of your startup.
Project Management
Something gone wrong with your newsletter? Or maybe you can’t find it on your PC or cloud? No more drama. Restore and edit it from the backup, thereby saving your time, nerves, and money.
Postcards is an ideal option for those who have neither design nor coding skills but still want to run email marketing campaigns in style.
Postcards is packed with helpful features. For instance, it has powerful functionality that lets you build a newsletter of every scale and for every occasion, whereas Mailchimp offers only the essentials. All the layouts and units in Postcards are optimized for all the popular email clients, to say nothing about their responsiveness, mobile-friendliness, and retina readiness.
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