• What is the difference between the Free and Pro versions?

    Free version contains a limited amount of pre-designed blocks in comparison to the Pro version with more than 100 blocks. Also, Free version email exports can’t be used for commercial purposes either for your own business or your clients. You can read more about this on a License Page.

  • What email systems (ESPs) does Postcards work with?

    We have tested Postcards with the following mail clients: Gmail, AOL, Apple Mail, Android Mail, Outlook.com, Yahoo mail, Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Lotus Notes. We also tested them with major mailing systems including: Mailchimp, Shopify, Constant Contact, Mailgun, HubSpot, Benchmark, Marketo, Campaign Monitor, Wordpress, MoonMail, Sendwithus, Salesforce.

  • Do you plan on adding more blocks to the Postcards Generator?

    Yes, of course! We have a lot more block types in our roadmap, and we welcome any suggestions for the types of block you’d like to see in our updates – feel free to leave them here.

  • Are there any limits to the number of exported emails from Postcards Generator?

    No, there’s no limit. You can export as many emails as you’d like.

  • Do you provide any support?

    Yes! We can help you out with any question related to Postcards if you have an active license. Customer support is available here.

  • Is there a way to become an Affiliate reseller of Postcards?

    Yes, you can earn 25% of Postcards’ Price if you bring us a new customer. You can do it here.

  • Why do my custom fonts look different when I send them?

    As far as we know, not all email clients offer universal support for web fonts. If a web font is not supported by an email client, it is changed to a fallback font that will be seen instead. In most cases, the fallback fonts are Helvetica, Arial, or a generic sans serif font. Lately, iOS mail clients override web fonts with their own font – San Francisco.

  • Can I edit contents (images, text, layout) of the email?

    Yes! You can edit content online, using the online editor. We’re also planning on adding the new features of editing contents.

  • Is there any difference between Business and Agency licenses?

    The Business license allows you to create as many emails as you want, but for only one brand. If you’d want to create emails for a number of brands, we recommend that you upgrade to the Agency plan.

  • What would happen if I choose not to pay for the License Extension after a month/year of usage?

    All Licenses are issued for a term for a calendar month/year from the date of purchase. If you decide to discontinue payments, the access to the Postcards Generator will no longer be possible, and any support from Designmodo regarding Postcards will not be available. After license cancellation, you still can use the emails that were generated within the License Term.

  • Can I use Postcards Generator with no connection to the Internet (offline)?

    You can open and edit the results of export on your computer without internet connection. But Postcards Generator will be only available online mode.

  • Can I install a version of Postcards on my own server and provide access to it for my clients?

    Access to Postcards is only available at this link https://designmodo.com/postcards/app/

  • Can I request a refund?

    Sure, we can offer a refund if you can provide the proof that Postcards doesn’t work. We decided to offer a Free version for anyone to test our features and code out before purchasing Postcards.

  • Can I still use generated emails after the refund?

    Unfortunately, any refunded license also applies to the emails created by the product that the License was issued for. We offer a refund if Postcards doesn’t work for you or with an email system you work with.

  • What about Outlook 2013 120 dpi, Windows 10 Mail, Android 4.4?

    We have invested over 60 hours working on bugs with these platforms. We also found a lot of email developers around the world having the same issues and not having a solution. We will do our best to track changes with these platforms, but it seems like they are not being updated anymore.

  • Why are my shadows are not displayed in Mailchimp?

    There are two important factors that affect the way how your campaign looks in your contact's inbox: Email Client rendering and Email Service Provider restrictions. Some email clients don't support CSS properties such as box-shadow, border-radius, etc. And some ESPs like Mailchimp forcefully remove drop-shadow code for newsletters that are being sent through that platform.

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