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Free and Premium Email Newsletter Templates and Layouts


In this modern phase of business, newer and more effective marketing strategies are being invented every day. Emails could be a great source of the newer form of marketing. Companies can accrue a good amount of potential business through emails and newsletters.

But often these items are not paid deserved attention as a source of marketing and promotion. However, a little bit of retrospection on this issue can make wonders in the business. Some creative souls have thought about these and come to some great email solutions for companies who want to promote their site as well as their business in a different manner.

These emails have stunning designs and great functionality to make your potential or existing customers aware of your upcoming or latest ventures.

In order to get these emails you don’t need to hire a professional; there are lots of pre-designed email templates and layouts in the market which can be easily availed by the business owners. Both the free and premium versions are there in the open market. You can search in the internet about this, download the best one for your business and use it as a media of promoting your business ideas or upcoming projects for your potential and existing clients.

Email Newsletter Templates and Layouts Attract Clients

These newsletter templates must have exclusivity in design to capture the viewers, but at the same time they must have the power of well written content in a clear manner so that your readers can easily understood your motto of sending the mail to them. That is why both the design and the contents must be catchy and effective in these templates. Make sure that the templates you are buying or using represent your business idea clearly to your clients.

For instance if you have a law firm and want to inform your clients about the introduction of a new section in your company then your email template must have that seriousness of your business, on the other hand if you are the owner of a fashion house and want to invite your customers at the inauguration ceremony of your new fashion store then the email template must have the touch of creativity and style in it.

So, before choosing the email templates and layouts be sure about the actual pattern of your business. This is really very important.

Hence, if you want to bring some kind of difference into your marketing policies and want to impress your clients through your innovativeness then reaching out to them with a fine looking email template can be a great idea.

Impress your audience with animated websites and web presentations.

With Slides, we don’t make you start from an empty slate. All you have to do is to pick the elements you like best and combine them. Each slide has been carefully crafted to satisfy three key criteria: aesthetic, function and usability. That way you know every element works together seamlessly while enhancing the impact of your content.

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Premium Email Newsletter Templates

Shop News Email Template

The product was created specifically to satisfy needs of e-stores and other sorts of e-commerce projects. It serves as an excellent supporting device that lets you foist goods in a pleasant way. The template can boast of a huge list of features that comprises

  • six types of layouts;
  • sixteen predefined color schemes and five custom backgrounds;
  • almost one hundred HTML files with neatly outlined containers for quickly inputting data;
  • sliced and well-organized PSD files;
  • integration with MailChimp;
  • plenty of informative material (documentation, tutorials and Help files).

What’s more, it has been tested with all the modern mail services from HotMail to Thunderbird.

Simple City – Email Template

Made with simplicity in mind, this clean and splendid mockup leverages a classic horizontal stripe layout to deliver information to the readers. As the author states, it can be used both as a standard email newsletter and as a page for promoting services. It is empowered with such vital elements as

  • thirty HTML files with a valid code and neat inline styling;
  • five color schemes, including blue, brown, green, red and pink;
  • two backdrops (light and dark);
  • extra PSD files;
  • three layouts.

Mio – Corporate Email Template

This is another sleek, modern theme based on a robust structure and classic arrangement of data blocks. It is crafted to meet requirements of serious companies so that it is applicable for various sorts of corporations that need to convey information in a casual manner. When it comes to customization, it has lots to offer. Thus, you can find in the package more than thirty templates, eight color palettes, and four PSD files. It is ready to cooperate with all the major mail clients and has a native support for MailChimp.

SmoothDeal E-Mail Template

If you have a great deal of content to deliver to subscribers, then this professional template is right for you. It is based on a clean and neat modular system that organizes data in a way that gives a lot of free space for comfortable reading. Huge CTAs in tandem with a banner for special offer are two main focal points that seize the attention.

The only drawback lies in customization. Unfortunately, there are no predefined HTML files that you can use right away; all the changes in design and structure should be done manually.

Sensation Email Template

The template has a look of a typical home page of any corporate website. It features a ‘welcome’ section with an enormous image in the header and a grid system in the central area that places the information into properly organized blocks. The product possesses of

  • more than thirty pre-made HTML files;
  • four versions of the layout;
  • eight color options;
  • PSD and PNG files.

As befits, there are extensive documentation, guide and lots of comments in code files. It is also entirely compatible with MailChimp.

SmoothMail E-Mail Template

This is another theme in our collection that aims to handle a plenty of data. Although it seems a bit content-intensive, however, thanks to well-thought-out spacing, proper organization, and absence of lavish graphics, it does not feel overwhelming.

As for customization, there are three kinds of designs that are presented in six color variants, fully layered PSDs and fully commented code files. It works great with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, and Hotmail.

La matineé – email newsletter

The product takes on a traditional solution, presenting all the information line by line in a vertical order. The upper part is reserved for special offers that should catch the eye from the first seconds. There are five carefully crafted layouts, each of which includes ready-to-be-use modules that require just some little enhancements to meet your needs. You can also manipulate with four color skins, twenty HTML files and sixteen source files available in PSD and PNG formats. As usual, it is supported by all the major mail clients, from Gmail to Apple Mail.

My Business – Newsletter with Template Builder

This sleek, chic fully responsive mockup that is saturated with an intense businesslike atmosphere will surprise you with its enormous potential. Not only does it have a ton of customization options that let personalize the newsletter in seconds, but it also equips owners with a simple, intuitive yet quite powerful builder. You can easily mix and match various kinds of pre-made layouts, color choices, and standalone elements. What’s more, the author has provided the product with support for MyMail Newsletter Plugin, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor.

News Event Newsletter – Html and Psd files

The template breaks away from the previously listed here with its unique organization system. The mockup naturally brings into focus all the vital information about the event. Though, it can be easily adapted to other spheres. Among almost fifty HTML files, you will manage to find eight color themes and six kinds of layouts.

The changes can be made not only in code but also in fully layered PSD files that are also included in the pack. Moreover, you can also shape the custom layout piece by piece just by copying and pasting blocks and modules.

Loose Leaf – Newsletter with Template Builder

Loose Leaf has a charming aesthetics with a dose of skeuomorphic appeal. It is clean, flexible and well-structured. Being fully responsive, it looks consistent in various devices. The key feature of the product lies in its inbuilt template composer that allows owners to get the advantage of almost thirty individual elements, different layouts, and color options without the hustle and bustle. However, if you prefer a more traditional routine, you can always leverage fully layered PSD and PNG files and HTML files in order to craft your template by hand.

The Multi Purpose HTML Email Template (48 HTMLS)

The theme tries to mimic website layout in order to make newsletter design more intuitive and accessible to readers. The traditional grid system, which underlies the mockups, puts everything in order and takes care of a proper balance between content and spacing. The customization options offer owners to manipulate with

  • six color versions (black, blue, green, red, orange, and purple);
  • 48 HTML files with 48 corresponding PSD files;
  • four unique layouts;
  • light and dark backdrops.

It was tested on Gmail, Yahoo Mail, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and other leading platforms.

Delicious Mail 2

This is a professional, versatile and multi-purpose tool that is suitable for various spheres. Whether you need to create an appropriate design for a serious company or friendly theme for a personal blog, its enormous arsenal helps to bring any idea to live.

Including more than one hundred predefined HTML pages, among which are hidden twelve sorts of layouts, five color schemes and two types of backgrounds, it can be used as a classic email newsletter, page for promoting products/services, page for selling goods, announcements, and letters.

Storesletter HTML email-marketing template to sell

Storesletter looks fresh and hip. Although the template is initially created to serve as a supporting device for marketing, nevertheless, thanks to its standard organization it can come in handy for other purposes. You are welcome to choose among three various layouts and four color schemes that result in twelve ready-made HTML templates, each of which is flexible and looks coherent both on small devices and huge monitors. It is claimed to be tested on more than twenty email clients, including the mobile ones.

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