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Free Bootstrap Templates and Themes, 2019 Updated

It is no secret that free bootstrap themes and templates are the first options when it comes to creating a presence online. There are several reasons for that.

  • First, most designers are used to this boilerplate. It has been with us for ages and feels so familiar that it seems pretty risky to switch to unknown options.
  • Second, it has proved valid. It is a time-tested tool that provides a solid foundation for building websites with robust structure and responsive behavior.
  • Third, it lets you build any website you want, literally any. It is flexible and rich in features, so whether you are up to a regular blog or fancy personal portfolio, it has it all.
  • Fourth, the community is immense. The continually expanding market gives people freedom of choice. It can solve various issues by providing the right solution in no time.

Last but not least, it is famous for high-quality freemium products. You can stumble upon various free bootstrap templates that won’t disappoint. They won’t be like a quick fix to a problem that you will mend all the time. On the contrary, they will give you the right solution on which you can safely build.

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To prove these points in practice, we have compiled a collection of free bootstrap themes and templates from 2019 that will please you with efficiency, modern design, excellent functionality, mobile friendliness, and some dynamic features.

Best Free Bootstrap Templates and Themes

Startup Basic Bootstrap Template

Free Bootstrap Themes and Templates

Startup Basic Theme makes a fantastic solution for one-page websites whose owners are not after some grandiose experiments or overwhelming animations. It has a businesslike nature that gives startups a solid foundation for making themselves heard.

It has a clean navy blue canvas, lovely typography, lots of whitespace, and a bright neon tone for the call-to-action. Content naturally occupies the leading position here.

Split Theme

Free Bootstrap Themes

Split Theme gets its beauty from a modern trend – the split layout. This is not just an extravaganza; it is beneficial for the owners of web projects since it provides two separate sections. In the case of Template2, you can impress visitors with a vivid image on the right and encourage users to fill in the form on the left.

Bootstrap Minimal Sign-up Page

Free Bootstrap Templates

Minimal Sign-up Page shows how to take advantage of a minimalistic approach. The template consists of just one component – a regular “sign up” form with a traditional design plus elegant features like neat line style fields and a polished submit button.

It is relatively small and placed at the heart of the page, giving way to the flawless background image.

Meet the Team Theme

Meet the Team Theme

Meet the Team Theme is one of the best representatives of free bootstrap themes and templates. It serves as a perfect solution for introducing your team to the online audience. This template takes up the entire screen to ensure that you have lots of space for a maneuver.

It has already included such vital elements of the design as:

  • Top header with two menus
  • Logotype and button
  • Headline
  • Intro text
  • Subtle ghost buttons
  • Solid panel with a three-column structure

The latter is used to show concise information about your crew members via avatar, name, and social media profiles presented as traditional icons.

Bootstrap Pricing Page Templates

Pricing Page

Pricing Page is a regular pricing section. While it does not feature anything unusual or extraordinary, the most trivial details of the website are the most important, especially when it comes to tables. No one likes to deal with them. So it is a great relief to find one that will easily adapt to your needs.

Personal Portfolio Theme

Personal Portfolio

Personal Portfolio Theme will come in handy for creatives who want to drive overall attention toward their artistic persona. It is an excellent solution for building a small yet good-looking personal portfolio that covers all the essentials. It has a three-column layout for demonstrating latest works as well as areas for introducing yourself.

Due to vigilantly created responsive base, it lets you reach a target audience regardless of device.

Download these themes directly from Startup App.

Bootstrap Templates that Require Registration

Our collection of free bootstrap themes and templates won’t be complete without examples of some outstanding solutions that are available for all registered users of Startup Generator.

Even though they come with some cost, they pay off with extra features and unique designs that meet not only specific situations but also trends. Let’s consider them.

One-Screen Theme


One-Screen Theme has skilfully covered all the necessary elements to create a one-page template with a focus on a sign-in procedure. It is one of the best solutions in our list of free bootstrap themes and templates. You can impress visitors with a dramatic video or presentation and make enrolment into your website quick and easy.

Video-Based Template

Video-Based Website

Video-Based Template sticks to a time-proven and straightforward way of winning over clients. It includes a full-screen video background that lures with a story about your company. And that’s not all; it also has some sections for showing the regular content such as the central part where you can display your tagline or slogan and a bottom section for additional data.

Business Template

Business Website

This one is a bit content-heavy. However, if you have a lot to say, it is just what the doctor ordered. It includes:

  • Top navigation with a noticeable area for the logotype and extra sign-up button
  • Huge hero area for an introduction
  • Eye-catching call to action that is huge and clickable
  • Several blocks for showing excerpts from your blog stream or video channel

Basic Page Template

Basic Webage

Having the same color palette and design features as the previous example, Basic Page Template also creates a pleasant user experience with a serene and casual atmosphere. Its key feature is a huge video player. The team managed to strike a balance between visual and textual data resulting in a harmonious design.

Enrollment Theme


Much like SplitTheme and One-Screen Theme, Enrollment Theme is centered around the sign-up form. The latter is skilfully highlighted thanks to the striking contrast between the background and foreground and lots of whitespace. The theme also includes a navigation bar on the top with integral elements and a relatively big area for conveying your message where you can add a tagline, a chunk of text, and CTA.

Bootstrap Themes for Presenting Your Application

While the above solutions are quite universal and comply with the requirements of a large crowd, we also encourage you to download bootstrap themes and templates that are applicable for specific purposes, such as promotion of mobile applications.

Also, you can download these templates directly from Startup App.

Tablet App Theme

Tablet App Theme

It features a device mock-up to show a screenshot or small animation of an app in its native environment. It also has main navigation with a skillfully placed secondary call to action, and of course, a big area for conveying the message.

Mobile App Theme

Mobile App Theme

Mobile App Theme goes for some of Apple’s legendary charisma. The theme looks polished, sophisticated, and clean. The light coloring, in tandem with a substantial amount of whitespace, produces a proper impression. Much like in the previous example, it is divided into two vertical sections to efficiently cover all the basic stuff, such as an offer supported by vibrant CTA and the zingy iWatch device to show an app in all its glory.

Promo Theme

Promo Theme

Promo Theme is also an ideal candidate for supporting your mobile application. It has a pixel-perfect render of Mac laptop that gives you an opportunity to show an app interface partially and at the same time not distract the audience’s attention from the content that occupies the bigger part. The template looks neat and clean.

Pros and Cons of Free Bootstrap Themes and Templates

Good-looking, free bootstrap themes and templates are everyday things.  They boast high-quality designs and essential sets of features.

Tip: Using Startup, you can create beautiful bootstrap templates in minutes.

However, premium solutions are often a better choice. For example, one of the most significant disadvantages of free themes is the lack of support. While the premium bootstrap templates provide you with a team of professionals that is ready to solve your issue.

Also, paid templates are regularly updated to ensure that you have the most relevant and error-proof version.

So before making a final decision, weigh all the pros and cons since both sides have some strong points.

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