Free Static HTML Website Templates

Designmodo offers a collection of HTML website templates that can be customized and downloaded using the Slides application. Use one of these templates as your starting point when you want to create landing pages or multi-page websites.

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Reasons to use HTML Templates

Setting up a website on a vigilantly-crafted, professionally-coded, and standards-proof website template is one way to keep up with the fast-paced world. Combat challenges such as your target audience’s preferences and expectations constantly changing, and a market that is oversaturated with options.

Website templates are considered one of the best choices in the web design sphere, second only to expensive custom web solutions. They come with a long list of benefits that translate into competitive advantage and actual revenue, which is crucial to stand tall in the market.

Four strong reasons to use website templates from Designmodo —

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Opposed to high-priced custom web solutions, website templates are a more affordable option that is ideal for companies on a tight budget. They are cost- effective in many ways. First, they save a lot of money on design and development, offering modern and good-looking themes. Second, they are hassle-free with deployment. Third, they receive updates and support, avoiding the costly burden of maintenance.

  • Built-In Functionality

    Website templates have a vast range of use cases because they ship with an abundance of built-in functionality. There are plenty to choose from: ultra-modern slide-out menus, well-organized universal card layouts, promo boxes, impressive hero areas, and even dynamic effects and transitions. Users may create a portfolio with an outstanding gallery, a landing page with a fascinating slider, a blog with a comment section, or a small e-commerce project with little effort.

  • Marketing Advantage

    Website templates are the best friends of marketers. With ready-to-go solutions, the sales department may effectively bring marketing campaigns to life, test ideas, and change action plans immediately. They may publish content to drive engagement, lure users into the sales funnel and generate conversions and leads simply by switching between templates or adding or removing units or stylistic choices.

  • Strong Presence

    Whatever website template you choose, it will meet four crucial criteria of the modern world that differentiate a lousy website from a high quality and reliable platform that builds trust, achieves marketing goals, forwards business, and reinforces brand identity. They are responsiveness, mobile-friendliness, usability, and accessibility. These standards are constantly overlooked and underrated, but not in this case. Here they are the top priority, cementing a strong presence for the brand.