Restaurant Website Template

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    Template description:

    The restaurant website template tells a captivating personal story and reveals a strong mission to connect with guests and potential customers. Through a combination of “delicious” photographs and descriptive content, it gives an edge to appetite and shares with the visitors personality and charisma of the establishment. The prominent and well-placed call-to-actions talk business without much tension.

    Several fantastic functional units reveal the personality of the restaurant. This includes a split layout block right in the header where image and content seamlessly coexist together, a slider that demonstrates the menu items, a two-column section with alternate blocks that naturally focuses attention on the most popular dishes, and an Instagram feed that serves as a peer-approved review to build trust.

    The acquaintance with the restaurant continues with the section dedicated to staff that gives the brand much-needed transparency to win over the clients and a huge block that discloses some minor yet vital information about the working hours and a link to make a reservation.

    The design has a strong urban feel. It sticks to a clean structure where the information hierarchy is well preserved. The color scheme is neutral - this is needed to make the visuals talk without overwhelming visitors.

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