25+ Clean Modern Brochures Examples

Brochures are an extremely effective promotional tool. The secret of its success lies in the fact that it combines high information capacity with innumerable possibilities for producing visual impression. Brochures come handy anywhere: in your office or in any area like a shop or any other public place where your target customer is very likely to appear. The aim of a designer is to make such a brochure that will stand out among others and catch the attention of the audience.

Traditional brochures can be made more attractive by using unusual fonts, an extravagant color pallet or stunning images. Copywriters think of a creative slogan or a headline that will make the potential reader want to turn the page and read further.

For this showcase we’ve gathered some unconventional brochures together with the traditional ones. Who said that a brochure should be a simple rectangular piece of paper with a couple of pages in it? Look and the examples below and see how attractive those ideas of an envelope or a folder brochure are.

Promotional materials are the face of your business so choose them carefully and stay open for creativity. We’re glad to provide you with inspiring ideas!

Brochures Examples

Intuition Skate Catalog

RELLA Catalog

Basement On View Brochures

Blue Factor. Il Fascino Della Trasformazione


Groundflights Sales Kit

Biolab Profile

Birth Announcement Léon

Sandera Resorts

petit salon broshure

Gaviota Broshure

Broshure de Cafe

Nova Broshure

Helm Broshure

Ongal catalog

Hybrido – Brochure

Spa saloon

Harley. The brochure concept.



Creative Suitcase Marketing Folder

Leporello Street Art

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  1. Joan May 21, 1:05 pm

    I think the Nova Brochure looks weird. The wave covered the mouth which make the shape of the jaw weird. Or it is part of the design?


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