Free and Premium Landing Page Templates and Layouts

A landing page of a website is the page that appears after clicking on an online advertisement or an article. Normally this page is the extension of that advertisement and companies want to promote their product or services in a better manner through these kinds of pages. Companies use these pages to enhance the effectiveness of the main advertisement and make the product or service more popular and earn some profit. These pages are undoubtedly helpful in increasing the sales of those products or service that are promoted in general online advertisements.

Since these pages can directly affect your sales figures you cannot afford to take chances with them. That is why using pre-designed landing page templates for this purpose are a good idea for the online business owners. At present it is very common to take the help of a landing page in order to make your product popular among the customers and optimize the sale. And these landing page templates and layouts can help you a lot in this scheme. They could be a great source of promoting a particular business or products among the millions of viewers who have clicked on your advertisement or link of an article in order to know more about your product or service.

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Free Landing Page Templates

Landing Page HTML Template

Product Landing Page

Free landing page template

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Premium Landing Page Templates and Layouts

App Website

App Website

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Deal Website

Deal Website

First Page

First Page

Landing Page

Landing Page

Video website

Video Website

Most of these templates are designed by promising website designers who know the taste of the current buyers. These templates have been created with more elegant and professional look in order to make your products more attractive to the customers. These pages can be availed at free of cost directly from the net. However, there are premium versions, which can be bought by you as well. Users will find no difficulties in using these pages since they are designed in a user friendly method. These landing page templates have all the details of the product that a customer could ask for before buying the product. These pages also have the useful links like “buy now” or “try now” which make the pages more appealing and useful for the buyers.

Through these free and premium landing page templates, you can state all the unique and special features of your product that cannot be told in an advertisement. This is really an awesome idea to promote a newly launched product or make the already existing one more popular among the buyers.

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  1. Rachael Feb 21, 2:02 pm

    There are some great looking designs in this list, Landing pages are essential in driving people into what you want them to do – whether that’s downloading something for a trial, for free or buying the product – it’s your one big chance to direct them to your product point .

    I think my favourites here are slender and target, they both have a very clear layout with great use of colour on the call to action attracting you to click it. Thanks for these, a very nice collection!


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