Material Design Mobile App Landing Page

  • Minimalistic design
  • Clean design
  • Good for applications

This exceptional Bootstrap-powered Material Design Template is a fully responsive Mobile App Landing Page. It was created for startups that need a solid platform for promoting their products. It was made with Material Design principles in mind; therefore, you can be sure that your users get the best user experience in terms of design and structure.

Inside the template, you will find various field-tested user interface elements organized in a way that will keep your audience engaged from top to bottom. Theme’s clean hero area with a considerable call-to-action button, block with the split layout to comfortably accommodate both text and images, big video player, well-formatted testimonials, brand logotypes gallery, full-screen image area, to name a few.

Besides, the Material Design Template has a stylish two-field contact form for clients to send requests, traditional horizontal navigation, and a two-level footer with lots of space for covering a ton of information.

Design of the Mobile Application Landing Page sets the stage for the content quite effectively. It stays neutral, yet at the same time, it looks fresh, clean, elegant, and certainly stylish.

January 8, 2024

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