Simple Bootstrap Theme

  • Pricing page included
  • Minimal style
  • Testimonials and clients

Although the nameplate sets up the expectations for something plain and straightforward, however, this Simple Bootstrap Theme is not as simple. There is a little more to it than you may think and certainly more to catch an eye.

The Simple Bootstrap Theme gracefully accommodates a ton of information. It creates a distinctive eye track from top to bottom by offsetting the text of the page beautifully. Using as less stylistic choices as possible, it achieves an overall balance between content and visuals. As a result, your audience can enjoy a pleasant user experience and get real value from the website.

As for the filling, despite the declared simplicity, the template has many components inside. It ships with the big hero area to put a focus on the tagline, cards-style section to create a loop between images and text, testimonial block to build trust, pricing table to clearly delineate packages, multi-column footer to uncover all the helpful information, top navigation panel to provide clear ways out, big image box to impress, several content sections and some more.

All these user interface units in tandem with modest design make this theme a universal solution that perfectly fits companies of various industries and scales.

January 8, 2024

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