Promo Mobile App Page

  • Clean design
  • Payment form
  • Clients block

Promo Mobile App Page is a Bootstrap-powered, fully responsive, and highly flexible template for showcasing your mobile product before it is released. Unlike many similar products, it starts a conversation with the audience right with a benefits section, building trust from the get-go. By default, there are only two blocks; however, you can quickly expand it by adding more sections with little manipulations to the code.

As for the rest of the layout, you will find elements typical to this type of template, including a client block with a four-column structure, huge image-focused area to make an impression with smart visuals and multi-purpose footer to add extra navigation links, info blocks, and brand identity.

On top of that, the theme has a payment section. It allows users to make a purchase using either PayPal or a credit card. Required fields are carefully designed and coded.

January 8, 2024

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