Real Estate Bootstrap Theme

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Real Estate Bootstrap Theme is a perfect solution for all those who seek a reliable partner to survive the competition in the tough World of selling properties. Whatever niche you are in (residential, commercial, or industrial), this realtor template will do all the heavy lifting of arranging and presenting information for the targeted market.

This highly adaptive Bootstrap template stands out from the crowd with its clever design. The deal is it has asymmetrical features, a well-balanced structure, neutral coloring, and a generous amount of whitespace that together creates an engaging visual path. This approach lets the HTML template cover lots of information and not bore users, making the reading experience pleasant and valuable. And thanks to flawless responsive behavior, this reading experience is consistent across all the devices.

Along with the basic set of components such as header, footer, or buttons, the Real Estate template also has some unique UI units. For instance, it includes a compact contact form with a drop-down field where users can select a budget, three-column gallery made in Pinterest-like style to draw attention to the images, prominent call-to-action section with an icon-based list, and a vast video player that can become a clear sales pitch.

January 8, 2024

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