How to Create a Perfect Color Scheme [Infographic]


Nothing can make a project stand out or identify your brand or business like color. Just think: What would the “Golden Arches” of McDonald’s be without the signature red and gold?

When it comes to creating the perfect color scheme, there are plenty of things to consider. Established branding is important and should be honored if colors already exist. But if not, the world of color is open for you to explore.

Much of the design theory involved in creating a great color palette starts with the color wheel. The somewhat abstract illustration depicts the relationships between primary, secondary and tertiary colors, as well as tints, shades, tones and color combinations. Understanding the theory of the wheel can help you create and establish color schemes that are harmonious and beautiful.

There are plenty of ways beyond theory to create great color schemes as well. While the most common color schemes contain a dominant color and several secondary colors, every palette is somewhat different. You can pick a color from a photo or nature to get started or just an online tool or swatch builder as a reference point.

The colors you choose can impact the meaning of projects. Each color comes with distinct associations. Some are universal, while other color associations can have cultural ties. It is important to think about your audience in relationship to color choices so that you end up with a good fit.

No matter where you start, the idea is to create a color palette that grabs the attention of users, sets the right mood for a project and helps deliver content effectively.

Are you ready to get started? We’ve got a great infographic to help you create the perfect color scheme.

Create a Custom Color Palette

Create the Color Scheme


Now that you know all the ins and outs of color, share these ideas with your friends. (Everyone wants to master beautiful design!)

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  1. Koen Jansen Jun 30, 12:14 am

    What a great infographic, very clear. Good work!

  2. Rojer Martin Jun 30, 2:04 pm

    Thanks for such a nice explanation on using right colors schemes, their meanings & effect on users and customers. It will prove certainly beneficial if website design process has a solid & researched color strategy in order to attract more visitors and successfully convert them into the customers. There should be a proper analysis on used color schemes in a website.

  3. Evgeniy Sidorenko Jun 30, 10:26 pm

    Very interesting and useful

  4. Andrew Chooah Jul 2, 8:48 pm

    Great Infographic… one area of color scheme discussions that doesn’t seem to come up is variation. Person A and Person B could see the same hex value but a different colour output depending on their screen (contrast, brightness for flat colors) – this is a good thing about the emergence of mobile and tablets; if Person A and Person B are both using a particular model of iPad, we can be confident they are being shown the same colour.

  5. Gef Ray Aug 24, 2:30 pm

    Beautiful and informative infographic, thx.

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