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    Adventurera’s email template is a simplistic yet contemporary notification notifying users on latest features of the outdoor adventure application. The sleek design of the template uses spaces portrayed in its twee layout that gives it an appealing look with great contrast being achieved with blue and black shades used for its text against a white background.

    The header is very simple with its logo Adventurera, as well as navigation links to account, product, and contact pages intended to provide some additional information within the users.

    The core of the template is in a prominent section that reads “New updates for better adventures” and is followed by an elaborate listing of all the new changes apparent in the brand. A call-to-action button at the end of this list says “Extra 15% off” and the users are called upon to take further interest in what these new updates in the store are offering them.

    The email contains a communication where the “Main Features” section is excerpted with a display of the new functionalities through appealing smartphone mockups. The features “Search by destinations,” “Preview it first,” and the “Make a list” are pictured with related images along with short descriptions, thereby giving users an impulse to explore them further.

    The template also informs about the availability of the app on iOS and Android platforms together with the respective store badges for easier downloading.

    The footer contains social media icons in an attempt to encourage the users to follow Adventurera on available platforms. Further, it includes contact information for additional assistance and an obvious way to manage preferences or remove from mailing lists in best emailing communications best practices.

    Major Use Cases:

    • Product update newsletter for SaaS platforms
    • App feature marketing through emailing
    • User-engagement mails soliciting action from the users in the app
    • Educative content on how to use and features of the app
    • Drive support and customer communities through social media links


    • Clean and modern, friendly user design.
    • Attractive visuals depicting all new app features.
    • Direct call to action phrases for discount availments and app download.
    • Links to social networks for increased community reach.
    • Lively footer with all the needed inferences regarding help support and user preferences.

    Adventurera’s email template is a great example of how app updates and new features can be communicated in an informing yet captivating design that evidently leads recipients further towards action so as to ensure continued engagement.

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