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    FastGifts’ email template is an email communication for the brand to offer its gratitude to new subscribers, with 2 exclusive promotional offers. The color palette is aqua with soft coral and deep navy blue, which has a soothing effect and creates contrast.

    A warm welcome at the top of the template introduces the fifth-anniversary sale. A discount, paired with free shipping, tempts the subscriber to make a purchase.

    In the center of the template stands there is also a highly prominent additional gift card offer, presented with large “$20.00” figure against a dark-and-bright background make apparent and immediate the value to be gained. This includes a promo code “ABC-123-DEF” as well as instructions of how to redeem the gift card.  Below, a bright “Get offer now” button captures immediate attention.

    The middle section of the template lists the benefits of shopping with FastGift, i.e., “Secure Payment,” “Easy Return,” “Free Shipping,” and “Customer Service,” each denoted by a small icon to visualize the benefit.

    The footer also encourages participation in the brand’s growing social media communities, fueling further engagement. It also includes a polite reminder of the recipient of the subscription to the company mailing list and an easily visible unsubscribe link that to respect email communication best practice guidelines.

    Main Use Cases:

    • Subscriber welcome emails with exclusive offers
    • Anniversary sales promotions
    • Customer loyalty and reward programs
    • Brand engagement through social media channels
    • E-commerce marketing to encourage first purchases

    Key Highlights:

    • Vibrant and welcoming color scheme
    • Clear presentation of a gift card offer with a promo code
    • Short summaries of customer benefits enabled by FastGift
    • Links to all major social media outlets included to increase interaction
    • Subscription reminders quick to unsubscribe from

    The email template FastGift is a great example to provide new subscribers an instant indication of value in the form of discounts and gift cards coupled with a suggestion to enjoy the added benefits by shopping at this outlet and even an added incentive to remain connected through social media.

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