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    The Giftly promo email template is a showcase of elegant and festive announcement and also extends the appreciation towards the valuable subscriber on one side along with traditionally marking the fifth anniversary of the company. An overall pastel blue background has been used as the foundation for the design, where warmer tones of gift imagery create the welcoming and festive ambiance.

    The email header is simple and functional providing an easy to find navigation link to various sections of Giftly’s online store as “New!”, “Toys”, “Best Sellers”, “Sale” through to the themed category “Valentines Day” with subtlety urging the customer to browse its vast offerings.

    A headline “We Appreciate Your Subscription” sends out a loud message to the viewer with feeling thanks towards its customers. Again followed by information about this anniversary sale is going to offer an awesome 70% discount on all products are offered and free shipping as added advantage. The “Shop Now” button is prominently displayed, encouraging immediate engagement and taking advantage of the sale.

    Rephrasing the offer displayed below for promotional purposes inside a big, bold “70% OFF” is utterly unavoidable and makes sure the enormous sum of savings is unmissable. The deal does require that customers key in the voucher code shown as ‘HHSJKJDLF’ not only to obtain their discount but also makes it incredibly easy on just about anyone.

    The footer is informative and straight to the point, giving the physical address for the company and social buttons that would urge a customer to wanting to connect with the brand on different platforms. There’s also an unsubscribe link ensuring compliance to best practices of email marketing.

    Use cases recommended:

    • Company milestones and anniversaries email campaigns
    • Promotional sales of big discounts being offered exclusively to the list of subscribers
    • Seasonal or event-themed promotions
    • E-commerce emails promoting traffic and sales
    • Customer loyalty or appreciation message

    Key Highlights:

    • Clean, warm-hearted festive design
    • Conspicuous explicit links of navigation for better experience
    • Entertaining main message for subscription and brand anniversary
    • Promoted discount for this occasion with direct, impactful instructions
    • Basic voucher entry option for usability experience
    • Details of contact and social media in the footer

    The email template from Giftly is an example to marvel at in how a celebratory message and an alright promotional offer can be effectively combined to foster customer loyalty while encouraging immediate action through a nicely laid out and very user friendly design.

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