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    The design of Joosy’s email template is warm and vibrant. It invites customers to their special range of beverages. The body begins with a catchy header introducing the offer: “Exclusive Offer: Extra 10% Off Starter Bundle,” offering a clear value proposition to the reader.

    The section is mostly consumed with an emboldened heading, bulked-up, to read “An ever-refreshing beverage option,” followed by a welcoming message positioning Joosy’s drinks for life’s most extraordinary moments. A button offering an extra 10 % off the purchase price gives readers an added incentive to take action.

    The hero visual of the template takes focus with beautiful product photography, of Joosy’s unique refreshment beverage. Below the description, a clearly prominent call to action is made with a promotion offer for an “Extra 10% Off” on the starter MayYou kit complete with use code for the discount.

    The final section of the template reads “Enable sales at every touchpoint and in every market”. This brings out the advantages of Joosy’s broad reach offering some strategic advices over testing, redeems credits, retail opportunities, and broadening sales through social media and diverse channels. Each point is rendered with an illustrative icon making the information digestible and approachable.

    A customer testimonial from a notable means adding another layer of trust as well as credibility to the brand, helping advocating for the quality and taste of the product.

    The well-organized footer since it has some links that let the user get to know more about the Joosy’s experts’, science behind their products, and also the FAQs. The footer also holds the company’s location and a funny note of how often they email, accompanied by a very clear unsubscribe link for those that want off the list keeping best practices in email communication.

    Recommended Uses:

    • Promotional entail for marketing products at cheaper prices
    • Special offers to new subscribers through welcome emails
    • Educative mailing about product benefits and the company’s brand outreach
    • Customer interaction as well as soliciting for feedback from them
    • Brand storytelling using customer testimonials as well as information about the company

    Key Highlights:

    • Product appeal with discount codes
    • Clear images representing the best quality of the specific product
    • Education content to expand the market reach
    • Social proof with a well-known client in the testimonial
    • Footer with additional information and resources about the company


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