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    Mindcast’s webinar email template is a bright and engaging design to promote webinars and other online events. The high-contrasting dark, white and red color scheme commands immediate attention in a busy inbox.

    The header promotes a relevant Labor Day discount offer, followed by a “Register Now” button placed prominently to prompt action.

    The “DETAILS OF THE WEBINAR” section introduces the speakers, with professional headshots and a timeline of the event to establish the credibility of those presenting. The name of each speaker, their job title and a description of their talk are clearly itemized, giving potential attendees an idea of what to expect from the webinar.

    The section “ADVANTAGES OF JOINING WEBINAR EVENTS” highlights the benefits of attending, including saving time and costs and growing professional networks, as well as interaction with practitioners. The placement uses matching icons that are accompanied by short descriptions emphasizing the value of webinars in a quick sweep.

    The call to action uses risk aversion to remind readers what they’ll lose if they don’t attend the event, with a prompt to sign up for more webinar sessions listed below with times and a short description.

    The footer includes links to blog, event, academy, and community pages, as well as an option to change profile settings or unsubscribe if users prefer, respecting the their control over communication preferences.

    Suggested Use Cases:

    • Promotional emails about education webinars
    • With an agenda of speakers event reminders
    • Marketing campaigns of professional development events
    • Develop a community with offering empowered educational content
    • Customers’ engagement through registering calls to actions

    Highlights on File:

    • Clear design of an attractive discount offer
    • Detailed schedule with information about speakers to prove the event’s credibility
    • Benefits section which emphasizes the value of participation in the event
    • Several call-to-action buttons for registering at the event
    • Comprehensive footer for additional resources and user preferences

    Mindcast’s email template is a powerful marketing tool, because offers and details about the event are shown at the same time, effectively motivating customers to attend their webinars.

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