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Responsive website templates and layouts are a craze at present. Besides being great time savers, these templates are equally useful, well organized and simple to use. That is why website designers like to have such HTML responsive website templates and layouts for their sites. These pre-built themes and templates for websites give you the chance to make a quick and easy start with your website design.

However, before choosing any pre-built responsive website layout or templates, you have to understand the purpose of your website and select the layout which depicts the purpose in the most appropriate manner. For instance, if you have a site that is promoting electronic goods then you need to have a certain layout and that is definitely not the same like the one for a website meant for kids’ fashion. So first of all be very careful about the theme of your business and website and then start selecting the templates or layout for it.

There are various types of HTML layouts and other tools in the market which can be used widely by the website designers in order to design a site. Choosing the right templates and layouts for the right website is a big matter and can determine the success of a site as well.

Free HTML Responsive Website Templates and Layouts

Whiteboard Framework

Seamless Responsive Photo Grid

Responsive Web Design Template

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Boilerplate for Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Development

Responsive Web

Premium Responsive Website Templates

App Website

Responsive Website Templates

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Deal Website

Deal Website

First Page

First Page

Landing Page

Landing Page

Video website

Video Website

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The layout or templates that you have selected must have the flexibility to be used in big and small screens. They have maximum numbers of interesting features but at the same time they should not make the main design of the site clumsy. While searching the best templates or layouts for your website, you have to take the help of internet where you can get a wide range of templates. These layouts and templates can be used by the website designers to create fabulous sites to promote different types of goods among the consumers. They can be used in business websites or news websites. There are free and premium HTML responsive website templates and layouts available on the internet.

Being a website designer you just need to choose the right one for your site and make the design according to that. With these tools you can set the columns and gutters of the site or set the colors and drop down boxes, develop various applications, paste photos on the site and do a lot more things with your site. They will give the site both functionality and a great look.

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