Pros and Cons of Website Redesign


Redesigning a website is as valuable as designing a new website. The world of this design field is ever growing and consequently with the legislation of time, the bold approach and view of one’s website is doomed to become antique when it is compared with other different ambitious websites.

It must be remembered that you have solely about seven seconds (as discussed by some great researchers on website tendency of) to divert a visitor’s consideration to your website. If your site is not appealing and attractive, then the visitors don’t want to waste their time in visiting your website. Once a visitor is lost, it is impossible to get him back to your website. And thus if you are losing a visitor, then it is must that it will surely influence your website’s earning.

All these problems can easily be sorted out by simply redesigning a website which will surely improve the website’s tendency to attract visitors or have traffic to a particular website.

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Given below are some of the best pros and cons of a website redesign:


Navigation is Easy

If an existing website doesn’t have proper navigation menus and links, then it will surely disturb the traffic of that website, which will instantaneously swap to your opponent website. On the contrary, the easiness of finding website links will support the viewer with the needed information which he or she wants to seek. Redesigning a website will thus cure you to organize links and different menus in a proper display panel on your website and remain the visitors glued to your website.

Making your Website Eye-Catching

Different designs, menus and layouts attract a viewer’s eyes surely while he or she is visiting your website. If your website is not attractive and it is not convincing the eyes of visitors then they will definitely move to your opponents websites. Redesigning a website can give your website a unique look and thus make your site appealing to the visitors’ eyes by mean of using different images, fonts, logos, graphics, texts and colors etc.

Improved Search Engine Perceptibility

Redesigning a website not only accumulates to the creative look of your site, but it also assists in improving your website’s search engine perceptibility. An acknowledged web developer will thus put SEO tags in all the relevant pages which will increase the ranking of the website.

Superb Design

If your website has best look and increased visibility, then it will surely appeal more and more traffic to your website. Redesigning a website will thus bulge to an addition in making your website a profitable venture and also in sales venture.

Best Compatibility with Modern Browsers

Many latest modern web browsers have submerged the website market. If your site is not armed with the best unique and latest tech supporting theme, then it will create problems for the visitors to access your website. Having your website altered or redesigned will certify that your site is accessible on all the latest browsers and thus help you to make your website equipped with best traffic.


The website market is improving itself day by day continuously.  If your website is even some year old, then it cannot compete with other professionally advanced and technology based websites in the recent market. Website redesigning will thus help you in updating your website at any time and allows you to make your site innovative as per then latest market needs.

Latest Technology

In today’s world technology is ever evolving. Comprising a website which doesn’t have the latest tools and techniques as per modern era’s demand is completely bad technique as it will not attract any of the visitors. By website redesign, your website will be equipped with all the latest state of art technologies.

Designing a Professional Image

Graphics and design of your site, which are out dated can swap your viewers to your opponents’ website. Appointing an experienced web redesigning team will surely assist you yield a unique and admirable look to your website.  The unique panel look of a website thus helps your website professionally and leads to more and more sales.

Fast Uploading and Browsing Speed

Website redesigning helps your website to be easily accessible and to be loaded quickly. It also helps in increasing the hosting space of your website.


Less Flexibility

Web designers and developers come with a pretended band of themes or templates and when a consumer is searching for the best color combination, themes, layouts, logos or other features, it is impossible to modify the existing theme.

Lack of Control over the Look and Feel of the Site

We can modify standard website themes and templates but this can be done under dome predefined limits. There are some areas in website redesign which can’t be altered for example the header can’t be removed once it is designed. Moreover the left menu can’t be deleted. These cases are very rare but as a fact such kind of cases does happen.

Takes More Time

If you want to redesign your website then for this purpose you need to transfer all the data of your web pages to the new design. This is a main drawback as when you are doing the project then you have to maintain the live site and for this purpose you have to delay down your work.

Jarring User Experience

If you have redesigned your website then it can also create problem for some users. It takes a lot of time for the visitors to understand and learn the use of new website look. Suddenly they will move to your competitor’s websites and thus you can lose traffic.

Static Website

Website redesign in this manner is such a big contemplate that this technique is exclusively undertaken occasionally. This can make your website design static for long period while it should have to be based on having dynamic platform.

Complex Techniques

Website redesigning is very difficult. It can be difficult to give your website new look while maintaining the old one. Expansive use of pivot links may be important in support to abstain crashed internal links. The same techniques are must in the existing website layouts.

Harder to sell

Website redesign approach is inconvenient to sell privately as there is doubt of broken website links.  It is thus difficult for the stakeholders to clearly understand the website themes if it is redesigned many times. So the resale of the website is thus decreased because of website redesigning.


The above material contains all the relevant information about website redesigning. I have written this article keeping in my mind all the basic information about this practice. As nothing is perfect in this world so website redesigning also have some good features and some bad. I have mentioned all the features in this article.

By reading this article you will surely learn a lot of things which are related to website redesigning. If you are one of the members of this web designing field then it will help you to choose right place and time to implement this technique if needed. As all the benefits and deficits are discussed above so I am sure that now you are quite aware of this web redesign practices.


  1. Jason Sep 15, 4:04 pm

    I must say, as a web designer—who makes a living designing websites— this article is absolute crap. Not every designer uses pre-made templates. Just check out any CSS gallery website, there are millions of sites out there that are original (and redesigns). The Cons you list hold no water when a website redesign is properly planned and the client is properly trained on how to update if there is a CMS used.
    – User experience will be better
    – A redesign can be easier to sell if the client values the Return on Investment
    – Transferring your data to the new site, no matter how long it takes, will be worth the time and effort if everything is more properly organized and easier to find
    – A website redesign has no commitment to the old design, hence the term “redesign”.
    – And any broken links resulting from the redesign can easily be handled by 301 redirects.

    Before writing another “factual” or “tips” article, I suggest getting facts straight.

    I subscribed to this blog because the resources were pretty eye catching and thought they would come in handy. Your post “Top 10 Overused Fonts in Design” made me question my subscription… especially comparing Arial to Helvetica. Any quality designer will know there is no comparison there.

    But this article… actually offended me and I would think possibly others in my profession.

    Good luck with the rest of your blogging.

  2. Mark Rosenberg Sep 15, 5:22 pm

    When I saw the title of the article I was expecting to get some insight on an approach our firm is beginning to embrace which is rather than taking the long months of redesign, we develop an approach of consistent iteration towards a more strategic design that encompasses an overall improvement of the user experience, from information architecture, navigation, content, and visual representation and of always consideration of SEO. Of course, the client’s current site and teams must be in a place where this can happen. This article, in my opinion, is just another version of someone repeating web jargon without any real insight. Or to be fair, maybe the article is written for small business or small web design firms who rely on templates or do not have the budgets for redesign or continuous improvement of content and the user experience.

  3. chris Sep 15, 7:22 pm

    As a designer, this was the worst article, I have EVER seen DesignModo publish. It offends me, and every other web designer who makes our own stuff. Absolutely disgraceful.

    Frankly, DesignModo should have never allowed this one to publish. I’d fire the person who wrote this: its extremely offending, full of errors, and blatantly false.

  4. Stanford Sep 16, 2:12 am

    Yet another DesignModo blog post that shouldn’t have ever existed. (And did anyone edit this thing?) I won’t repeat the those above have already correctly stated.

    This entire post reads to me as someone who is trying to get out of redesigning a website. It’s full of excuses and fallacies.

    And if one is reference a study, please do so correctly. Not like what’s here: “[Y]ou have solely about seven seconds (as discussed by some great researchers on website tendency of [sic]) to divert a visitor’s consideration to your website.” I don’t except academic writing in a blog, but this is the same as saying “Everyone knows that the Earth is flat” or “Gosh, mom, everyone else is doing it.”

    To continue having readership, DesignModo must implement some method of vetting these blog posts. I’m sure of number of disgruntled readers would be part of jury for such pieces.

  5. Adrian Sep 16, 9:22 am

    Hi guys, sorry for poor article. But very strange, why you don’t comment good articles but make big comments on poor article… Very sad for us…

    One more time sorry, we will try to to avoid this type of articles and publish only good and very good articles.

  6. Ahla Sep 16, 10:52 am

    Sorry if this article offended you, but redesigns are often done by individuals apart from a team, and these are the cons which often come up, some cons are true and obvious but some have been observed as a result of website redesign. Look, Every redesign isn’t perfect, and it takes a lot of time to make it perfect.

  7. chris Sep 16, 6:24 pm

    @Designmodo: Not sure if you understand your visitors very well, which is suprising because there’s alot of good site analytics out there. FYI, most of us are subscribed to your email. IE we don’t troll your site every day. So when we see an article we like in the newsletter, we come here and quickly glance and leave. This is pretty simple to detect on Google Anayltics, by both time spent on article and the bounce rate. So quick glance and leave, means that no one is going to comment if its good.

    As for @ahla, this entire article is written under the pretense that ALL website designs use templates. I don’t know where you got that idea from, but most independent and also quality firms don’t use templates. The only templates we use are ones we make, when the client, for instance, requests WordPress as as CMS.

    This one should have been screened out.

  8. Neevan Sep 17, 10:01 am

    What a pathetic writing. Writer have no clue over his words. I’m not sure if writer know English or this article just written in language of 3rd word country and translated into English. Try proofreading it for once.

    Also, I’m agree with @chris as we generally read articles in our feed reader and we have no problem in quality content but when it itches you need to scratch.

  9. Dan Sep 18, 9:01 am

    Hey, I don’t usually comment but I have to say that I was kind of upset by the text, most freelance designers use templates. I have never ONCE used a template for a website and will continue not to, unless the client has pre -researched the topic of redesigning their website and has picked out a template they would like to use.

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