35+ Examples of Branding & Corporate Identity Design

The Branding of a company is very important and it gives the first impression of your company to the customers. The design of the brand gives the judgment about your business and thus it should be very memorable and attractive. A professional branding or logo leaves a good image about your concern and also results in a great impression about the business. With today’s modern trend, you can design various creative and elegant designs for your brand name which leaves the potential customer to identify your company immediately.

The Brand is much more than the name of the company or its logo. It is the combination of all the experiences and impressions of a concern which includes the public relations, vendors, employees, customers or the communities. There are efficient people who represent the image of a company behind every good brand. When the expectations of the customers are met by the company, the loyalty of the brand is automatically developed. Thus, it is very important to focus on the design of the Brand name which should be descriptive about its services or products, memorable, short and attractive.

Before designing the brand, decide if it is going to be used on business cards, website, CD’s, clothing’s or printing materials, stickers, pens, on the products sold, or on any social network. Thus, plan accordingly and choose the appropriate designs or colors for your brand. Create a powerful logo with graphic design for your brand name which should speak about your business. It should be bold and distinctive and should be able to advertise about your company. A Tag line is also important for a Brand which could express the benefits of your concern and could leave an impression in the minds of the customers.

The important elements in a Brand design are the logo, names, tag lines, trademarks and packaging. The brand of the company mostly attempts the customers to purchase the products or services. Therefore, the name of brand also plays a major role in the success of a business. There should be a life in your Brand designing with a good combination of the color, visual appearance or style, name, topography, intensity and the size. Appropriate usage of these elements will provide uniqueness to your brand. You can also use a hired professional to create your brand design to make it more memorable.

Branding & Corporate Identity Designs

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  1. Khrome666 Sep 15, 11:27 pm

    Absolutely awesome collection of good taste, excelent design and exquisite technical achievement. We all need good influences. Keep’em rollin’!

  2. thinkingcaveman Sep 16, 3:00 am

    I have a sudden need and inspiration to open Adobe CS 5 and get to work on creating one (a brand) for myself

    Very interesting

  3. aledesign.it Sep 16, 12:32 pm

    Nice article with more inspirations…even some are old like example (13 th Street), but a good post and selection. Thanks

  4. Sally Van Nuys Sep 16, 3:22 pm

    Awesome collection from very talented designers. There is plenty of inspiration here for anyone in need of a brand. Thanks for collecting and sharing them!

  5. Kathy Sep 29, 1:11 am

    I need headed stationery, bus cards, comp slips and envs. Love the designs


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