Shop and Pricing Page

  • Minimalist design for e-commerce
  • List with products
  • Pricing page

Shop and Pricing Page ties in perfectly to almost any type of e-commerce. It is so universal that it goes well with companies of any size. Thanks to neutral coloring, casual typography, well-thought-out structure, and a ton of white space, it serves as a perfect foundation to build on. Moreover, it has some modern design traits and sleek transition effects that give the theme a subtle, trendy look.

The template comes with multi-purpose sections and integral blocks such as a compact video player, sign-up form, hero area, top header with dropdown menu, and three-level footer for all sorts of helpful information.

That is not all. There are some specific elements as well, such as a full-width promo block with an image backdrop and an eye-catching CTA, an e-commerce section based on a two-column structure, and even a pricing table with a vivid heading and ultra-clean minimal design where all the options are carefully shown.

Every component and logical division is built with the same principles in mind, so you can mix and match them to create the layout of your dreams without sacrificing harmony.

January 8, 2024

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