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    Announcing the new sleek email template from Aviro, your design for remarketing to premium cycling customers. With a classy color scheme of black and orange, it creates a feeling of sophistication to instantly hook readers’ attention. A bold header reading “Fresh bicycle models now in stock and ready!” announces the availability of new product lines, accompanied by high-quality product imagery.

    Displaying the latest bike collection as well as the contents of the shopping cart, this template takes the user through a memorable shopping experience in a clear and concise email. The call-to-action buttons are prominent, inviting the visitor to to take immediate action.

    Below the fold, the template remains engaging, promoting the brand’s “10 Day Trial” and “Lots of discounts”. Content is presented in an interactive, easy to navigate format throughout. And finally, a further section for finding spare bike parts and accessories provides useful functionality in ensuring that the customer has all they could need from their biking experience.

    The footer meanwhile, is both functional and fashionable. It contains all necessary links as well as the company contact details in an unintrusive, clean design.

    Some ideas of uses for these templates are:

    • E-commerce platforms focusing on the cycling category or other sporting goods
    • Promo emails dedicated to new product launch
    • Cart abandonment emails
    • Marketing emails announcing special offers and sales discounts
    • Newsletters for bicycle lovers

    Features Highlights:

    • Very engaging header of a new product announcement
    • Clear images of a showcased product
    • Clear cart summary with easy checkout option
    • General footer with all required links

    This template can be a powerful tool in various scenarios, particularly in e-commerce marketing strategies aimed at reducing cart abandonment and boosting sales.

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