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    Sit back and savor the flavor with Mattea’s crunchy email template designed to entice and remind customers of their impending matcha delights. Infused with peaceful greens and vivid imagery, this template instantly creates a sense of refreshment and healthy joy that only matcha can bring. The headline “Enjoy the refreshing delight of matcha latte” sets the tone for a calming yet persuasive message.

    The template is divided with a nice flow into sections effectively. It opens warm, with a story that invites the reader to ‘silently ask for more’ and is followed by appétissant photographs of pleasingly green matcha beverages as visual stimuli to take action.

    This clearly neat list of items, quantity of each item, price of the chosen item thus keeps the section of the shopping cart simple hence minimizing on the review process for the customer. The “Continuing Checking Out” button, brightly lit, jumps at the reader to make their purchase final.

    Further on, the template continues fostering customer loyalty with such features as free delivery, a loyalty program and personalized advice via WhatsApp to ensure ongoing support.

    Footer needs to be organized, have important information about the company available at a glance, with links for more interaction through social media.

    Use Cases:

    • Beverage vendors especially, tea and healthy drinks vendors
    • A promotional email on new beverages that are being launched
    • To customer reminder of an abandoned cart
    • Marketing activities on health and wellness products through mails
    • Trade-up program for customers


    • A thematic soothing color of green
    • Fresh look to the product images
    • Proper categorization of cart items with minimalist checkout process
    • Offers and loyalties to get better customer retention
    • Well placed footer with all contact details and social media connects

    This template is most effective for food and beverage businesses that look to capitalize on health trends, as well as promote repeat business with strong visual aesthetic and message.

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