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    Sit back and savor the flavor with Mattea’s beautiful matcha-themed email template. Infused with peaceful greens and vivid imagery, this template instantly creates a sense of refreshment, health & wellbeing that only matcha can bring. The headline “Enjoy the refreshing delight of matcha latte” sets the tone for a calming yet subtly persuasive communication.

    The template naturally flows between each sections. The green hue of the matcha in the product imagery evokes a feeling of calm and serenity with all-natural products.

    Below, a neat list of items, displaying quantity and price, keeps the shopping cart section simple and in order. The “Finish Checking Out” button, brightly lit, encourages the recipient to finalize their purchase.

    Further on, the template aims to increase customer retention by offering free delivery. There’s also details of a loyalty program and customer support via WhatsApp.

    In the footer, there’s practical information about the business and links to the brand’s social media profiles.

    Use Cases:

    • Beverage vendors, particularly tea and health-focussed drinks
    • Promotional emails to launch new beverages
    • Abandoned cart reminder emails
    • Health & wellness product marketing
    • Upsell/cross-sell/remarketing campaigns for beverage vendors


    • Soothing green colour scheme
    • Fresh, vibrant product images
    • Clear categorization of cart items with straightforward checkout process
    • Offers and loyalties to improve customer retention
    • Footer including contact details and social media accounts

    This template is most effective for food and beverage businesses that seeking to capitalize on new health trends, as well as promote repeat business with a strong visual aesthetic and message.

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