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    Make your team more productive with MedTrial’s personal and compelling email template. Designed to convert users to a free trial of MedTrial’s project/task management services, the template is characterized by light amber highlights over a navy blue and white color palette. This creates a sense of cleanliness, business formality and energy.

    At the top of the template is a bold call to action to “Start your free trial today!”, complemented by an inviting button saying, “Let’s get trial”. Collaboration is demonstrated with an image of a teamwork environment which complements the message portrayed by the text.

    Contact information is positioned by strategically promoting direct communication. The template culminates support for diverse work planning needs and scaling services as required to explain the value proposition of MedTrial.

    The service’s key features — Task Management, Time Tracking, Reporting Dashboard — are illustrated with easily scannable icons. A persuasive section of statistics demonstrates clear social proof at scale — showing the number of teams who use the product, the number of projects completed and the total number of daily active users.

    The last section, “Say Hello Anytime.”, offers a way for customers to reach out and also indicates the business prioritizes customer support. The footer provides social media links and other contact details and helps the business stay compliant under privacy regulations by providing ‘unsubscribe’ and ‘privacy policy’ links.

    Suggested Use Cases:

    • Corporate services for software trial registrations
    • Email marketing for SaaS (Software as a Service) products
    • Sign-up confirmations and free trial activation campaigns
    • Corporate communications & service feature announcements
    • User engagement and taking feedback support


    • Clean design with a strong CTA
    • Persuasive imagery matching with the service offer
    • Clear contact information for customer support
    • Overview of features including icons
    • Compelling social proof to build credibility
    • Touchpoints for other customer engagement in the footer

    This template would be ideal for software companies aiming to improve free trial sign-ups and help users to understand the value of a SaaS product more quickly.

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