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    Make your team more productive with MedTrial’s personal and convincing email template. Designed to get a free trial of their services in managing tasks, the template is characterized by light amber highlights over a navy blue and white color palette that give an impression of cleanliness, business-like formality, and energy.

    At the top of the template is a bold declaration, akin to “Start your free trial today!”, complemented with an inviting button saying, “Let’s get trial”. This is demonstrated with an image of a teamwork environment that complements the message portrayed by the piece.

    Contact information is positioned strategically promoting direct communication bringing up friendly elements. The template culminates support for diverse work planning needs and scaling services as required to explain the value proposition of MedTrial.

    The service’s key features — Task Management, Time Tracking, Reporting Dashboard — are illustrated with icons, which creates a glanceable information perception. A persuasive section of statistics indicates the track — by totaling such facts as the number of teams joined with the number of projects completed for social proof to those who consider purchasing the software.

    The last section, “Say Hello Anytime.”, ideally depicts an avenue for reaching out and also indicates that one is reachable and willing to offer the extreme best support. The footer fast links the social media links and other contact details but helps the user stay compliant as well through options like unsubscribe and privacy policy so that the communication remains open and reliable.

    Suggested Use-cases:

    • Corporate services for software trial registrations hike up
    • Email marketing of SaaS (Software as a Service) products
    • Sign-up confirmations and beginning trials’ emails through the campaigns with the help of emails
    • Corporates newsletters focusing service features
    • User engagement and taking feedback support


    • Clean designing with the strong CTA
    • Persuasive imagery that jells well with the service offer
    • Access to all customer support contact information readily available
    • Quick overview of features with appropriate icons
    • Statistics as a social proof to build up credibility
    • Touchpoints for all kinds of customer engagement in the footer is imperative

    This template would be a great help for software companies that intend to boost up their trial sign-ups and make the engagement with potential customers by displaying the value and achievements of their product in eloquent and professional words.

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