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    The email template NotiFy has produced is nothing short of a masterclass in urgency and converting optimization. The gradient background moves from deep purple to a soft pink, saying both premium quality about the service and the timing of the message as critical. The sentence “Your trial period will end tomorrow” is structured well to incite urgency and enhance user readiness to act at the right moment.

    The structure in this template is much strategic. The main call-to-action, “Choose a Plan”, is placed right at the top, impossible to miss, and primed to convert. The design finally lists benefits at the end of the trial that will no longer be available in terms of direct and clear bullets that describe what will be lost in a few words.

    A brilliant screenshot demonstrates the NotiFy app interface reminding the users of the app about its interface and functionality, reinforcing one more value for upgrading to the premium version. The pricing details for the premium service are represented in a standout box for attention draw and to lead users to call-to-action “Try it now”.

    Briefly present the benefits of NotiFy plans as checkmarks, making a decision easy. With one brief at-a-glance view, an easy guide is given to the user for the advantages of following through with the service: selling on the many platforms offered, taking credit and debit payments in-person alike.

    Finishing up template is a motivational nudge, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for,” cleverly incites the readers to take some kind of action now. The footer elements stay true to the rest of the design’s cleanliness in its stiff approach while also offering all relevant information along with social media links so as to fuel further contact and engagement.

    Use Cases:

    • Subscription based services for post trial follow ups
    • SaaS product upgrades, membership renewals
    • App services for up-sell of add on premium features
    • Market campaign to convert customer post the trial period
    • E-mail for customer retention focusing on feature benefits


    • A beautiful gradient as background sprinkle attracts attention
    • Call to action placement, where they are placed immediately
    • Clearly located consequences of not upgrade
    • Visual reminiscing of the app’s interfacing looks like
    • Clear presentation of plan’s advantages and its pricing
    • Inspirational closing passage to inspire an action
    • The footer that contains all links to contacts and social files

    This template is just the perfectly suitable one for companies who want to convert trial users into paying customers with clearly stating what they will miss out if not paying in and what they will receive from signing a paid subscription and all of that with keeping a sophisticated visually-pleasing design.

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