Create a Website Flat Design in Photoshop using Flat UI (Video Tutorial)

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As you already know, flat design has been quite popular in the recent period and we, here at Designmodo, have been doing everything we could to promote it, because we love it ourselves.

Therefore we also have a video tutorial on how to create such as design in Photoshop and we hope you will learn a lot out of it.

In the tutorial you will see Photoshop techniques professional designers use to come up with their amazing flat layouts and you will also be able to follow and learn these techniques yourself.

In the tutorial you will see that we have used many of our own resources from the Flat Design Kit (free version) and Flat UI Pro (paid version), which we encourage you to use as well.

The video tutorial is only a bit less than 18 minutes long, so it will not take very long time for you to watch it.

You will learn about placing of elements, color palettes and some fonts you can use. You will also get to see how to use the grid in the Flat UI Kit, which is always a useful tool when designing in Photoshop. And we just really want you to see the video and learn from it. So, without further adieu, here’s the video.

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Flat Web Design Tutorial

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