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65+ Awesome Free Textures for Designers


A texture usually depicts the background images of a web design which should be memorable and touchable. The high-quality textures give an appealing look to the website. These free textures are designed for various purposes such as for icons, illustrations, photos, designs, tutorials or for the website layouts. There are numerous patterns and backgrounds for textures available for free in the online resources. The textures or the background images are used by most of the web designers online since it makes the designs look more elegant and attractive.

Usually while designing or framing a website, the background or the images play an important role in the visual approach. Nowadays, there is a huge competition in the world of the internet, thus choosing an appropriate and cool pattern or texture is quite necessary for a web designer. In order to engage the customers or the viewers with your products or services, the free textures should be entertaining and attractive. Certain web designers may use illustrations and some people may use gradient or solid colors which looks very attractive. By inserting textures, there is a good effect on the texts or the background images or the other graphic elements.

There are various types of textures and one among them is Vintage which is mostly used by travel websites since it gives an elegant and an antique look to the website.

The navigational layout or the structure of the website should be very user-friendly and easy for the viewers so that they will be able to find exactly what they are searching. After you find the right free texture for your website or images, make sure you choose the appropriate font and color of the text, the exact positioning of the headers and footers and the correct usage of the white space which gives a well-balanced design for the websites. Before choosing the textures or the background images, consider all these factors to make your images or website look more appealing and memorable for the customers.

Free Textures

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