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There are a lot of words related to designing and leather texture is the new concept to add a crispy, shiny and sharp look to your design. This is not a common practice among the designers and many are ignorant about the uses of this moderate and beautiful looking free textures. To get highlighted in the crowd of designers, you have to get tuned with upcoming designing versions. Leather textures are just a toddler in the world of designing and it is time to use these virgin textures to get remarkable feedback from the viewer’s side. Just try with the free high-quality free leather textures and create unique designs for your site.

The color and the resolution of the leather textures are eye-catching. Leather textures are being used to deliver excellent and home decoration articles. For a special occasion, present an article made of this leather texture and earn a beautiful smile from your beloved ones. Leather textures that look like crocodile skin or cracked textures single or double tone textures are well crafted and useful for any decorative items.

Croco skinned leather textures have a high demand in the international market. The scales presented on the crocodile’s body are copied on the leather to give it an indisputable feel. However, double toned leather textures are also equally favorite among the leather fanatics. Double toned leather textures are actually combinations of two different tones in the same frame.  There is a different type of double tone leather textures. However, the embossed design patterns over an uneven leather texture are the most desired one. Like any other pragmatic features in Photoshop, leather textures are being used as shin textures for character modeling and animations as well.

Designing versions keep changing. At any point in time, the designers will be in need of certain designing applications. Very soon leather textures will reach a certain level. If you don’t have enough time to create leather textures of your own, search online. Countless effective leather textures are available online. Moreover, there are few free sites as well. Black leather textures, crack leather textures, dirty distressed scratched leather textures or whatever you are looking for, all are thee online. Animate your design with leather textures and give it a real look.

Free Leather Textures

Leather textures

Free Leather Textures

This is a high-quality photo shot that depicts the fragment of the shiny gray leather made by bm.iphone. The artist offers a whole album of the similar images that includes almost sixty samples.

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Free high res texture

Leather Textures

The picture exhibits an old, worn fabric that has grunge touches. In the album, you can also find some other items. It is free for personal and commercial use. Contribution is not required, yet, it is preferable.

Black leather texture

Black leather texture by Leeber has a silky-like soft surface that shines under the light and charms with depth. Thanks to dark coloring and characteristic spots, it looks extremely elegant. The image has 72 dpi resolution and is a part of a huge package.

Fake Leather Texture

Fake Leather texture by Randen Pederson magnetizes with the rough, genuine and almost rustic surface. Being slightly polished in Adobe Photoshop, it is ready to enrich any design. It ships in 240 dpi resolution and is available under Creative Commons.

Embossed Leather Texture in Beige

Embossed Leather texture in Beige has a satiny and sleek appearance that is marked by some lovely carved-out patterns. It comes in a relatively small resolution (1280 x 960 pixels) and can be used in different projects under CC.

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Leather Book Cover: University of Mich

The texture exudes an image of quality and chic. While the golden coloring conveys luxury allure, the decorative embossed stamp adds some retro traits. The image has a maximum resolution of 2560 X 1920 px. The terms of usage are described in the corresponding Flickr page.

Green Crocodile Skin

This carefully treated texture with a distinctive pattern and highly detailed look will benefit any artwork. It is delivered in nine sizes, including a version for tiny thumbnail (that is 100px X 77px) and the original one (that is 3500px X 2712px)

Black Leather Jacket Texture

Black Leather Jacket Texture by Blokkstox bears imprints left by time. It has a heterogeneous surface that looks highly worn. The image has a big resolution of 3008px X 2000px and weighs more than five Mb.

Free Black as Midnight Leather Texture

This close-up photo boasts of a high level of detalization. It depicts a gorgeous silky-like surface of the fabric with a complex structure. It looks clean and refined. The image has a 3072px X 2304px size and is applicable for personal and commercial projects.

Reddish Leather Texture

Reddish Leather Texture by Louboumian breaks away with its unexpected color choice. It feels fun, original and a bit artificial. The picture has a small size, just 827px X 1169px; however it is sufficient to satisfy lots of projects.

Flat Leather in Beige

Although the texture has an extremely soft and plane look, it still preserves the inner structure. The latter manifests itself in tiny marks and details with a barely noticeable 3D dimensional feel. The photo has 200px X 1557px resolution and is suitable for large and small sized artworks.

Cobra Skin

Cobra Skin is quite rare not only in life but also in digital stock markets. Much like the crocodile skin, it instills a sense of chic and glamour into designs. It also looks strange and a bit cold. The close-up image shows the squama in the best possible light. It is available in 1328px X 2000px resolution and only for personal projects with the attribution.

Leather Textures Pack

Leather Textures Pack 2 by Salic33 is a small collection of assorted pixel-perfect images of fabric that are mostly presented in light and brown colorings. The main features of the freebie are

  • ten realistic samples;
  • JPEG file format;
  • 2000px X 2749px size.

The terms and conditions are negotiated in the page.

Leather Texture

Leather Texture by Limited-Vision-Stock has a dark coloring and matte coating. It looks like a classic piece of leather that is used for creating garments.  Taken via a professional camera, the picture pleases with high resolution and fine quality. It ships in JPEG file and can be freely used in personal projects.

Leather Texture Pack 2

Leather Texture Pack 2 is a small yet valuable freebie given away by Mytherea. It consists of five vigilantly treated images of the natural material. Each one has such characteristics as 38inX28.5in size and 96dpi resolution that satisfy numerous artistic projects. Although it is free for both personal and commercial use, there are several rules of agreement that are declared on the official page.

Brown Leather Texture

Brown Leather Texture by MaxDaten sticks to a clean, smooth and neat look. Sleek brownish gradient oozes with expensiveness. This artificial item is destined to complement 3D models. The artist has skillfully imitated the material through the professional image editor. The render has a 1024px X 1024px size and is protected by CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

Leather texture pack 01

The first one is a sterling piece of material and the second one is a pile of small ripped rags. Each one has a high resolution and looks great in small and big size. FAQ and Terms and Conditions can be found on the download page.

Leather brown 2

Leather Brown 2 by Jaqx-Textures is beautified by chaotically scattered multicolored spots. As you may have guessed, the fabric is quite old and worn. Numerous retro artworks will find this pretty useful. While the JPEG file is freely available in 1500px x1000px size, to get the original version with 3400px resolution, you need to mail the author.

Leather Texture 3

This is just one but a universal texture. It looks classy and polished and surprises with the gigantic size (5010px X 6286px) that is pretty rare in the world of freemium products. To make use of it, you need to credit the author with a backlink.

Leather Texture

Leather Texture by Leslie Elevad is an outstanding close-up photo of the crinkly leather that looks glossy and polished. Comes with a high resolution of 300 dpi it reflects the structure of the natural material quite well.

Leather 1

Leather 1 by BFStock gives you a sense of an exclusive piece of animal hide that was tanned and professionally treated with wax. It sparkles with layering aesthetics and realistic appearance. It is delivered in medium size (1920px X 1258px) and should be used under special terms provided by the author.

Leather sofa

Leather Sofa by Hector Garcia is a kind of stock that is quite difficult to put into action since it is not flat, smooth, or seamless. However, it is original and genuine. What’s more, it is a macro photo so that it is highly detailed and quality. It is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.


Leather texture as any other natural texture is pretty tricky in utilization. It has a great visual weight that grabs the biggest slice of the pie. So that it is quite difficult to strike the balance. While the free photos may win you over with high resolution, excellent quality, realistic view and in some cases rare exclusive samples like crocodile or snakeskin; however, it should be used wisely and carefully to avoid negative outcomes.

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