Jumpstart Your Marketing Efforts with Placeit

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Design mockups are an incredible tool to help you showcase projects, from startup websites to t-shirt designs. The problem is that they can be rather complicated files native to Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, and not everyone has the tools (or expertise) to use them.

Enter Placeit. The website has plenty of smart templates to make creating a mockup easy and no special software or technical expertise is required. Anyone can create a cool mockup using a Placeit template in just a few minutes.

Jumpstart Your Marketing Efforts with Placeit

Here’s a look at Placeit and how it works.

What is Placeit?

Placeit is a design tool to help you create marketing elements – from mockups to t-shirt design templates to mockup videos. The tools allow anyone to create compelling marketing and branding that users will love.

Plus, Placeit is now an Envato Company, so they are backed by one of the biggest names in the digital space. (That means Placeit is a tool you can trust.) The acquisition from Envato has allowed Placeit to expand its offerings with even more products to help you jumpstart your marketing efforts.

So if you tried it in the past, it might be time to take Placeit for a spin again.

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How Do You Use Placeit?

The best thing about Placeit mockups and design templates is that they are so easy to use. Whether you are an experienced designer looking to create a quick mockup or need to enhance your marketing or branding portfolio and have never designed a thing, Placeit is versatile enough to work.

How Do You Use Placeit?

Just drag and drop your brand image or logo into hundreds of smart templates. The templates then render as a downloadable image that you can use as you wish. And you can do all this in a matter of seconds.

What Can I Make With Placeit?

If you haven’t used a mockup before – or maybe even if you have – they offer limitless solutions to a common design problem: How do I show people how something will look?

Placeit has templates to help you put your design on t-shirts, book covers, hats or iPhones.

You can also create logos (great for that little league sports team) or videos featuring your designs or branding.

What Can I Make With Placeit?

The Placeit library includes more than 12,000 smart templates for mockups, logos, design templates, text animations, Instagram stories, flyers and more. It’s quite likely that if you can imagine it, Placeit has a template or mockup to help you start marketing and promoting it.

Key Features

The No. 1. reason to give Placeit a try is because it is so easy to use.

Other key features include:

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  • Drag and drop design tool
  • Mockups for almost any project
  • Design tools including t-shirt design templates, a business card maker and social media image maker
  • Logo tool to help you create a mark that will set your business, organization or sports team apart
  • Video maker to create special elements for websites, social media or text animations
  • Every design comes with endless customization options so your final design is unique
  • No design experience required
  • No extra design tools required; everything you need is right in the Placeit web app
  • Robust blog and tutorials packed with ideas to jumpstart your projects
  • Quick design and download capability
  • Video FAQ to walk you through the process
  • More than 12,000 smart templates to choose from


You can access and download anything in the Placeit collection for $29 per month.

There are no limits to how many templates or mockups you can use and download and no limits on the type of projects you can work on. It’s easier than a lot of the other tools out there and you get all the design templates and ability to work on them using the drag and drop tools for less than many software subscriptions. (That’s a tough deal to beat.)


Placeit is a robust design tool that’s good for anyone who wants to up their marketing game.

Since it works without having to buy or install additional software, it’s accessible to everyone from people creating a product for the first time to designers who just want to promote something fast. The tools are easy, quick and every design looks professional.

Placeit is definitely worth a try and if you use templates or mockups regularly is a phenomenal solution.

Carrie Cousins

Carrie Cousins has more than 15 years of experience in media, design, and content marketing. She's a freelance writer and designer and loves helping brands and businesses build amazing things.

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