April Newsletter Ideas and Examples for 2024

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April is a true spring. The period of overall rejuvenation and renewal is here. We cannot help but enjoy sunny days and warm weather. People are getting more active in their lifestyle, everyday routine, work, and most importantly, shopping, opening opportunities for businesses to boost their email marketing strategies.

April also marks the beginning of the second financial quarter. Many companies review their first quarterly progress and seek ways to fuel their email marketing and advertising strategies for a more profitable second period.

And the time could not be better. With the last big sale event in February, people are waiting for companies to be treated with something special. Plus, summer and the beloved season of vacation are fast approaching. Companies have many good excuses to reach their target audience and convert them into warm leads.

Here are several good email marketing ideas to play along with the overall atmosphere, intensify your marketing efforts, and drive business growth. We have also compiled a list of April email newsletter examples to show how brands in different niches implement their marketing plans.

As usual, we will start with the April email newsletter calendar, featuring events, holidays, and observances for email marketing campaigns and to reach your audience with meaningful and valuable newsletters.

April Email Newsletter Calendar

The biggest challenge of April marketing lies in the absence of big holidays. Although generally Easter is celebrated during the second month of the season, as a movable event, it may fall into other months. In 2024, Easter takes place at the end of March for Catholics and the beginning of May for Orthodox, so companies are left without this big sale event in the mid-season.

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The good news is that myriad ways exist to enhance customer engagement and drive sales in April, even without big fests. After all, winter slumber has ended even for sleepy heads. Customers are in their active state, eagerly waiting for summer and falling for various adventures and marketing campaigns.

To hint at what you can include in your April marketing calendar, we have assembled a list of common and international one-day holidays, week- and month-long celebrations, and niche-specific events that are great for reaching segmented target audiences, raising awareness, and showing your social responsibilities. Let’s dig into them.

One-day holidays:

  • April Fool’s Day (April 1)
  • World Autism Awareness Day (April 2)
  • Easter Sunday (varies, Sunday)
  • World Party Day (April 3)
  • Walk to Work Day (April 5)
  • World Health Day (April 7)
  • Siblings Day (April 10)
  • Tax Day (April 15)
  • High Five Day (April 18)
  • Get to Know Your Customers Day (third Thursday)
  • Picnic Day (April 20)
  • National Tea Day (April 21)
  • World Creativity and Innovation Day (April 21)
  • Earth Day (April 22)
  • Take Your Child to Work Day (April 25)
  • Arbor Day (April 26)
  • Stop Food Waste Day (April 27)
  • Email Debt Forgiveness Day (April 30)

Week- and Month-long celebrations:

  • Laugh at Work Week (April 1-7)
  • National Library Week (April 7-13)
  • Consumer Awareness Week (April 11-15)
  • National Volunteer Week (April 14-20)
  • Allergy Awareness Week (April 20-25)
  • National Park Week (last week of April)
  • National Decorating Month
  • Informed Women Month
  • Workplace Conflict Awareness Month
  • Diversity Month
  • Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • Distracted Driving Awareness Month
  • Donate Life Month
  • Financial Literacy Month
  • Humor Month
  • Planet Earth Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • Stress Awareness Month
  • Volunteering Month
  • Welding Month

Niche-specific holidays and events:

  • National Handmade Day (April 1)
  • Education and Sharing Day (April 2)
  • International Children’s Book Day (April 2)
  • Vitamin C Day (April 4)
  • International Carrot Day (April 4)
  • Caramel Day (April 5)
  • DIY Day (April 6, 2024)
  • Pillow Fight Day (April 6)
  • National Caramel Popcorn Day (April 6)
  • No Housework Day (April 7)
  • National Beer Day (April 7)
  • Zoo Lover’s Day (April 8)
  • National Pet Day (April 11)
  • Day of Silence (April 12)
  • National Grilled Cheese Day (April 12)
  • National Peach Cobbler Day (April 13)
  • World Art Day (April 15)
  • Administrative Professionals’ Day (April 18)
  • National Newspaper Columnists Day (April 18)
  • World Heritage Day (April 18)
  • Bicycle Day (April 19)
  • Denim Day (April 24)
  • International Guide Dog Day (April 24)
  • Penguin Day (April 25)
  • National Zucchini Bread Day (April 25)
  • World Stationery Day (April 26)
  • Tell a Story Day (April 27)
  • International Dance Day (April 29)
  • International Jazz Day (April 30)
April Email Newsletter Calendar

Email marketing calendar for April created by Louisem

There is a diversity of small yet workable events. You may go for international observances like April Fool’s Day, which is ideal for putting a smile on subscribers’ faces and covering a wide crowd, or narrow down your marketing campaign to niche-specific events like National Zucchini Bread Day and please your local clients with special offers. On top of that, you may always turn April into a month of raising awareness of social issues and cementing your position as a reliable partner.

Consider three April email marketing ideas to try this year.

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Spread Awareness

We talk a lot about burning issues these days. While every month has its causes to raise awareness of certain community problems, April is perfect for getting into this conversation.

As the second month of spring approaches, people are getting active with everything, from enjoying quality time with family outside to participating in various events to improve their lifestyle. Customers are finally ready for some action in their lives. So, it is a great opportunity to capitalize on their enthusiasm and channel their eagerness into a direction that benefits both parties, like spreading awareness of burning issues and supporting the community.

Start small and decide on the event that best fits your community. It can be Stress Awareness Month or Allergy Awareness Week. If you want to boldly showcase your brand’s responsibilities and serious attitude towards community problems, you may focus on serious events like Autism Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention Month. Just make sure your brand’s vision and mission are aligned with that.

April Email Newsletter Guide Ideas

Email from Parable

Get to Know Your Customers Day

Get to know your customers Day is celebrated on the third Thursday of each quarter. In spring, it happens in April. It is a golden opportunity for businesses of all sizes and niches to show appreciation for their customers and get close to them.

Along with using social media, email marketing may also be useful. Create campaigns to engage your target audience in a conversation, and add interactive elements through Postcards to collect feedback and real insights about your product, service, or company’s overall image. Ask your clients for their opinions to gather the knowledge crucial to improving your position in the market. Talk with them about what they like the most and send some grateful notes with special discounts and offers.

Focus on Niche-Specific Events

April is a great month to connect with your target audience personally. Deprived of big sale events, it is just destined to be used for niche-specific events. It encourages businesses to focus on their unique market segment and prioritize their needs, ditching generic and common approaches.

We have compiled a long list of niche-specific events to make your life easier. Check it out to find observances that suit your audience the most. There is Vitamin C Day, which works great for the medical niche; National Beer Day, which is perfect for the food and beverage industry; and Tell a Story Day, which every company can use to enhance its brand identity by revealing its vision, value, and mission. April has a parade of opportunities to fuel your marketing strategy in the middle of the season.

To maximize your efforts, start cleaning your subscription list to remove all churn clients or group them for retention campaigns. Segment your subscribers to run wholly-grained marketing campaigns. Analyze their behavior on your website and digital newsletters and track the time and day when your campaign converts better to find the best cadence for each group. These actions will make your niche-specific campaigns even more impactful.

Email from Fender – perfect for celebrating Jass Week in April

Email from Fender – perfect for celebrating Jass Week in April

High-Converting Ideas to Try in April

Following niche-specific events and awareness causes come with many benefits. They easily separate the company from the others and improve relationships with clientele on a personal level. However, they might not work for every business. If none of the featured marketing ideas resonates with your business, there are some time-proven ideas.

Although you will not impress your audience with originality, you may still easily meet the crowd’s mood and expectations. After all, who would not like to be entertained on the first day of the month on the International Day of Pranks?

April Fool’s Day, spring themes, Easter, and Earth Day are common choices. As practice shows, they help brands across niches secure much-needed engagement, traffic, conversions, and revenue during the season’s second month.

Spring Theme

April promises warmer days, outdoor meetings, and sunny weather. Anticipating the approach of summer is a great way to set your company ahead of competitors and live up to customer expectations.

A spring theme, with bright color, lovely sounds, and beautiful imagery, is certainly the one to stick during the mid-season. Add vibrant vibes to your email design with Postcards email builder, freshen up spring email campaigns, and relate to customers ready for the new season.

Here are time-proven ways to tap into the common spring themes, increase sales, and boost your presence in the email channel.

Offer Springtime Incentives

Offering an incentive is the best way to ramp up your email campaigns during April. The discount code influences an impulse decision 60% of the time. Customers are ready for a change and some productive shopping, so why not give them a slight nudge?

When realizing this strategy, you may try different tactics. For instance, you may offer rewarding points, special bonuses, coupons, free shipping, free subscriptions, and even a gift.

Showcase New Products or Collection

If you did not do this at the end of March, then April is the perfect time to hit your customers with an announcement of a new product, service, feature, collection, or improvement in business. As a month of new starts and renewal, this strategy works perfectly with the audience’s moods and expectations. Personify every email to treat each subscriber as an exclusive client. Adorn the email design with modern trends to make the campaign feel refreshing.

Highlight Spring-Related Products

You may not have spring-related products, but that does not mean you cannot try this strategy. With a little imagination, anyone can wrap a product in spring-themed packaging.

Start with analyzing your customers and their behavior patterns. Your task is to understand their preferences and needs to find the best spring pick. Do not prioritize only seasonal products; you may play around with holidays and events. Use Postcards to create a spring-inspired design to connect products and the season.

Alternatively, you may create educational material to highlight unique product features, demonstrate how your service may benefit customers during April, or use images to visualize how they can incorporate the product into their lives.

High-Converting Ideas to Exploit in April

Email from Italic

April Fool’s Day

The first day of April is a great starting point for showing your company’s marketing activity in the second month of the Spring. There is an occasion that everyone in the World is aware of. All Fools’ Day is an international holiday celebrated by many Western countries that day. It implies practical jokes, hoaxes, pranks, and everything that may lighten the mood and put a smile on people’s faces. It is just an excellent excuse to reach and engage customers in communication with the brand.

On the first day of the month, many companies advertise their products, offer discounts, involve users in reward programs, and play some jokes. If you want to join this worldwide stream of fun, laughter, and good mood, here are some original ideas:

  • Introduce funny or non-existent products
  • Play with words and rhymes
  • Play pranks around your products
  • Talk about leaving the market
  • Play ‘Two Truths and a Lie’
  • Have a one-day sale
  • Arrange giveaways
  • Run a competition for the best prank
  • Share photos of your employees partaking

Do not worry; many of these tactics were already used by industry leaders, so you will not go wrong with them. Just align them to your brand identity and vision. Think original and prioritize bringing joy and fun to your customers.

April Fool's Day

Email from Holland and Barrett


Generally, the Christian holiday falls on Sunday in April. This year, it is celebrated at the end of March. Therefore, we will consider email marketing ideas for post-event campaigns that help build momentum and prolong the festival’s excitement. Use them to maximize your revenue, cement the brand’s position on the market, and intensify customer relationships.

Send an Extra Promotion

Discounts, bonuses, rewards, or even free shipping offers may easily keep your leads in the post-event loop. Although they may not convert customers immediately, they will give them food for thought and a good reason to check your shop or service again.

Be Helpful with Cleaning Tips

Easter is famous for its festival decorations and outside events: egg hunts, spring wreaths, bunnies, colorful eggs, and adornments. However, after every party comes the time for cleaning, which is your opportunity to meet your customers’ needs and provide your helping hand. Whatever niche you are in, you will find some words to help your subscribers address this issue. You may list the best tips, share your experience, or offer an extra discount for their efforts.

Post-Easter is a great time for sending valuable and interesting content to contacts. You will build a sense of authority and eventually gain their trust.

Collect Feedback

Post-event campaigns are destined to collect feedback and listen to customers’ opinions. This campaign is always warmly welcomed since everyone wants to be heard and appreciated. Subscribers eagerly share their thoughts and critiques, giving you a good idea of their interest during an event.

To make qualitative data collection even more productive, use interactive elements like polls, surveys, or ratings. Use Postcards to introduce these elements in your email and ESP to automate the routine.

Remember to send your appreciation note after gathering all the information you need. Say thanks or treat customers with a bonus for an upcoming sale.

April Email from Rifle Paper Co

Email from Rifle Paper Co

Earth Day

Celebrated on April 22, Earth Day is a great opportunity to end your email marketing activity in the month on a good note. Introduced in 1970 in the U.S., this event has spread all over the world and become an international event for all those who appreciate and celebrate the world we are living in.

Residents of many countries participate in this small yet crucial celebration. Some green their courtyards, others clean the streets. Some donate money to charities and organizations, while others actively participate in environmental events.

This holiday is perfect for showing customers your eco-friendly position and community responsibilities and fostering buzz about your brand. For starters, try to adopt one of these approaches:

  • Arrange nature-related masterclasses
  • Share natural decor tips
  • Create Earth Day-themed quizzes
  • Send valuable content for garden lovers
  • Raise awareness through facts and statistics
  • Start fundraising
  • Use dark mode in email design to encourage everyone to switch off light

Improving the community’s environmental well-being is a true challenge. However, when united, we can do everything. Show your customers that you are a part of this movement. That will certainly raise your credit and inspire trust in your company.

Email from Google

Email from Google

Subject Line Ideas for April Newsletters

April Slogans and Headlines

Who does not love April? Spring is finally here with sunny days, warm temperatures, and blossoming nature. People’s lifestyles are getting brighter, and so should your email marketing campaign.

Along with adorning the design with some vibrant natural motifs, subject lines, and content should also change to keep up with the pace and connect your audience with your business and spring vibes.

As April is the second month of Spring, you may focus on rejuvenation, nature renewal, positive mood, outside gatherings, joy, fun, light, and a happy season. The general Spring tropes are the return of flora, outside sports and activities, parks, home renovations, spring cleaning, and the breath of summer.

Remember that Spring is a light season, so do not shy away from using puns, alliterations, or rhymes. Use words that best resonate with the season. It could be “bloom,” “grow,” “refresh,” and “renew.”

Need inspiration? Check out our list of Spring-themed slogans and headlines:

  • Spring into April’s deals
  • Spring into Savings with Green Deals
  • Spring into savings
  • Blossom into Savings This April
  • Every Purchase is April Blossom
  • Let Your Savings Flutter Like April Butterflies
  • Our Prices are Fresh As April
  • The Season of Spectacular Savings Begins
  • Blossom with Every April Deal
  • Our Blossoming Offers
  • Deals to Make Your Heart Soar
  • The Blossom of April Savings
  • Get Rid of Spring Cleaning Blues
  • Blossoms Are Blooming, Dust is Dooming
  • Sparkle and shine, it’s spring cleaning time.
  • Warm Up to Our Hot April Specials
  • Make a Fresh Start This April with Our Offers
  • Celebrate April with our New Collection
  • Your Springtime Story Begins with Our April Products
  • The Perfect Spring Move: Our New Collection
  • Be Spring-Ready
  • New Season. New You. New Products.
  • Smile! It’s the first day of April.
  • April is a promise that May is bound to keep.
  • Do spring right with Us!
  • Hooray, it’s spring shopping time!
  • April is Here to Brighten Your Days
  • The World is in Full Bloom, and So Is Our Collection
  • Let’s Spring Forward Together
  • Buzzing into April
  • March into April.
  • Bloom with our New Collection
  • Fresh start. Fresh Collection.
  • Everywhere is green because it’s spring.
  • The savings are springing up everywhere.
  • Fresh April Deals Await
  • Big blooming deals.
  • A Time to Renew with Our Products
  • Dust off winter with these April deals
  • Our savings are blooming
  • Leaping into April.
  • Invite springtime into your home with these products.
Subject Line Ideas for April Newsletters

Email from Allbirds

April Hashtags

Hashtags are widely used in content marketing. They add context and meaning to posts, driving much-needed traffic to boost views, likes, and shares. They allow brands to capitalize on hot trends and topics. But do you know you can also benefit from them in email marketing?

The email channel is an integral part of digital marketing. Using hashtags inside the newsletter connects tactics across various communication channels and creates a unified space for better conversion. They reinforce overall marketing strategy and improve key metrics across the board.

However, scattering hashtags all over the content will not benefit you. On the contrary, it will scare away users with information overload. Hashtags must be used strategically. Limiting yourself to just one or two keywords is the key to success. Finding those that match your content and appeal to the audience is highly recommended. You can use popular options (observe what everyone else is doing) or create branded hashtags.

Here is a list of popular April hashtags you can use in your email content or as a foundation to build your unique hashtag.

#Autismawarenessmonth, #April, #April2024, #Aprillove, #Autismday, #Aprilfoolsday, #Blackhistory, #Beerday, #Cleanenergy, #Carrotday, #Caramelday, #Chocolatemousseday, #Decoratingmonth, #DIYday, #Earthday, #Earthfirst, #Earthmonth, #Flowerseason, #Flowersinbloom, #Funatworkday, #FNDAwarenessday, #Funday, #Gardenmonth, #Gettoknowyourcustomersday, #Gogreen, #Happyapril, #Happyearthday, #Healthday, #Highfiveday, #Jazzappreciationmonth, #Newbeginnings, #Petday, #Pillowfightday, #Poetrymonth, #Picnicday, #Planetearth, #Savetheearth, #Savetheplanet, #Siblingday, #Spring, #Springblooms, #Springgarden, #Tellastoryday, #Vacationvibes, #VitaminCday, #Volunteerweek, #Welcomeapril, #Worldheritageday.

More relevant hashtags can be found in Angie Gensler’s blog and Newfound Marketing blog.

April Email Subject Lines

The key trait of April’s email subject lines is spring vibes. As the middle month of the season, it witnesses springtime’s glory and beauty, from deciduous trees to people outing in parks. Cheer is everywhere.

From a psychological point of view, spring euphoria is not an illusion. People feel more cheerful, optimistic, and even romantic. It is scientifically explained. Our brains naturally produce more dopamine at this time of year — we are ready for new experiences and feel uplifting, happy, and positive.

Your April subject lines should be aligned with customers’ vibes, moods, and mental states to obtain the best impact from your email marketing campaigns. As fresh colors appear in shop windows, your subject lines must follow this stream to meet customers’ expectations. Add humor, use funny puns, exploit nature motifs, and apply holiday-themed language.

Lastly, incorporate emojis – they will immediately capture the spring spirit and bring it to the customer’s inbox. If you have no idea what pictogram to use, check out this list:

🤪 😘🌈 🤣👀🐈🐕🐶🦄 ✨ 🤭🌸 😈 🤪🐞🐝🦋😎 😇💐🌼💮 🏡 😉 🗣️ 😂🌼🌸  🌺 🌞 👩 🏃🌱🐣🖌🥚🐇🤝⛪✝️☦️🕊️🌎 🗺️ 🌐🌳🌿☘️🍀🪴🎍🎋🍃🌾☀️🌅🪁

Also, here is a list of April email subject lines to inspire you:

  • Spring into April Savings!
  • Get Everything You Will Need for April!
  • Your spring-getaway packing list!
  • Swing into Spring With These Offers
  • 🪴 Spring clean with 25% off everything!
  • Gear up for spring with ALL the things!
  • You Won’t Believe This April Fool’s Day Prank!
  • Today, nothing’s on sale: April Fool’s
  • April Showers Are Bringing You May Deals
  • Hello, April😎
  • Ring, Ring! Hello? Spring?
  • Click for Amazing April Offers Inside
  • Never Fear, Spring is Here!
  • April Sales That’ll Bring You May Joy
  • April prices as fresh as the season!
  • April Showers Are Pouring Down Sales!
  • Be snap-happy this spring
  • Just warming up with these amazing offers
  • Celebrate April with a treat.
  • Save some green on Earth Day!
  • Spring success! What’s next?
  • Here’s to a Happy April
  • Go Green this April
  • Blossom bargains: Fresh cuts inside
  • Fresh cuts: Spring into April savings
  • Happy, bright, fresh April!🌤️✨🌸
  • A Lil’ Sale For You 🌷
  • April Showers of Savings: Rainy-Day Discounts Inside!
  • Unbox Surprise Deals That Bloom Just for You!
  • Fresh deals springing up: Get up to 50% off now!
  • Ready, set, bloom: The April sale is a go!
  • ☀️Sun’s Out, Sale’s On: Enjoy 20% Off
  • Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Just Our Spring Collection? 🔥
  • Hop-hop! 40% Flash Sale Through April 30
  • Sales So Good They’re No Joke
  • Knock, knock…
  • No Jokes Here. Only SALES
  • This Offer is No Laughing Matter!
  • Free delivery is no joke 😉
  • Savings worth Smiling!
  • We’re Hopping for Joy!
  • 🐣Peep These Deals!
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Find Hidden Discounts Inside!
  • Crack into these savings. 🐣 15% off Easter & Happy Spring gifts.
  • So egg-citing: an Easter present is waiting for you
  • 10 Eggceptional Easter Deals
  • Dear Planet, Please Don’t Die on Our Watch
  • Shop these Earth Day deals before they’re gone
  • Discover how we design to reduce the impact
  • Save our Planet with Us
  • Tree-mendous savings await this Arbor Day! 🌳
  • We’re Celebrating Earth Day Today & Every Day
  • Save energy (and money) this Earth Day
  • High Five, anyone!
  • Purr-fect Savings: Celebrate National Pet Day With Us 🦜
  • Sit, Stay, Save! It’s National Pet Day! 🐕
  • Our 6 Tips for a Great Q2
April Email Subject Lines

Email from MacPaw

Key Traits of April Email Design

April is a true spring. It is warm, bright and positive. It encourages people to go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. You must adjust color, typeface, graphics, and visual content to bring this mood to your email marketing campaigns. This way, subscribers will warmly welcome your promotions, offers, and even regular information, increasing your chances for high conversions. Let’s consider each vital detail separately to give you an idea of what you should use for design.


Color is perhaps the most vital element of design. With its range of emotions and ability to influence the viewer’s mood, it must be chosen correctly to feel most authentic and suited for a period. Otherwise, you risk destroying the harmony of the overall newsletter and even distorting the key message.

The appropriate April color scheme depends on many factors. First, it should be aligned with brand identity. Second, it should support the key message and overall email marketing campaign goal. Third, it should be in sync with the period. Finally, it should reflect the email’s purpose. That means creating an Easter email should center around tones and hues that can be seen during the Christian feast, perfectly paired with brand coloring.

For generic April newsletters, the mid-season coloring is reminiscent of coloring pencils. It is warm, vibrant, and highly saturated. It offers freshness and creates a clear appearance in the design. The tones have an even balance of warm, bright, and light characteristics. Play with yellow, orange, teal, pink, bright navy, ivory, peach, orange, and green to deliver April vibes.

Key Traits of April Email Design

April color palette from Color-hex


April typefaces are chill and playful but distinctive and lively, loosely inspired by nature motifs and events that generally occur during this period.

The neutral options are always smooth, gentle, and even fragile. Whether a display font or a regular one, it feels refreshing and gives a refined touch and elegant appearance to any headline or block of text. There are no acute letterforms or tension in curves. It is smooth and somewhat sophisticated.

As for event-inspired options, they usually feature adornments that betray the occasion. For example, Easter typefaces see eggs skillfully featured in glyphs to set the headline in the proper mood. The typeface for a message in an email dedicated to Planet Earth Day utilizes Earth-inspired motifs and sticks to solid letterforms to intensify the seriousness of the cause. On the other hand, April Fool’s Day benefits from fonts with playful, joyful, funny, and crazy appearances.

April fontface from Befonts

April fontface from Befonts


The month of April symbolizes openness and nature renewal. It is closely related to tree blossoms, particularly cherry blossoms, green gardens, awakening wildlife birds, parks filled with people, and outdoor activities like sports or marathons.

Any image depicting spring may do the trick. But if you want to make a true impact, it is crucial to align your choice of multimedia with your target audience. Do wholly-grained segmentation and analyze customers’ preferences to find out what pictures connect your audience with Spring the most. For some locations, it can be drizzling rain or snow caps on the mountains.

However, whatever the location, it is crucial to remember that April imagery should evoke a feeling of rejuvenation and freshness since warm weather is here, not to mention the fast-approaching heat of summer.

Therefore, choose those that reveal blossoming nature, warm sunny days, blue sky, and active outside rest. Focus on graphics that feel fun, frivolous, creative, and adventurous.


April motifs from Vecteezy


April Email Newsletter Examples

April Email Newsletter Examples

Email from Tattly

April is all about enjoying warm weather and the vivid colors of nature. This invite is a perfect opportunity to reach your audience. The email marketing team from Tattly will give you some valid hints on how to do this in practice. Their spring email does just that.

The team has created an adorable email design with seasonal decor penetrating every corner of it. Just take a look at their hero section. It screams spring on all fronts. You may also find adorable flower and nature decorations scattered everywhere. Coloring, typeface, and imagery create a powerful, positive atmosphere, meeting customers’ expectations of rejuvenation.

Design is not the only thing that the team has nailed. They have skillfully introduced their offer. Using the principle of an inverted pyramid, they have drawn overall attention to the discount code, building anticipation and igniting interest. Then, they supported their promo with beautiful product images (also inspired by spring) to drive even more engagement.

This is an example of a true spring email that captures the general mood and unobtrusively promotes the offer.

Email from MacPaw

Email from MacPaw

April is an international month of cleaning. From tidying up backyards to renovating apartments, people are eager to bring fresh sight into their residences. MacPaw’s email marketing team knows this perfectly well. Therefore, they have run a campaign that keeps up with this mainstream. Yet, with one exception. As a digital service, they focus on cleaning up people’s virtual homes – Mac notebooks.

The team played smart. They created a compact one-page email design that naturally draws attention to the content. The latter is an announcement of the offer with a splendid 30% discount. Again, we can see the principle of an inverted pyramid, with the offer cleverly surrounded by eye-catching elements and a call-to-action button that drags subscribers deeper into a sales funnel.

To play along with the season, the team has incorporated a spring theme into a design that lightens the mood and intensifies the overall positive impression.

Email from Comrad

Email from Comrad

April parades various small sales events. From winter clearance to spring sales focused on drawing overall attention to the new spring collection, you have some good options. Consider how Comrad has decided to adopt this tactic.

Their April email announces a site-wide sale with a special focus on the discount. The latter is featured at the top of the newsletter with a highlighted call-to-action button so no one can miss it.

To make their statement stronger, they have included their best picks supported with product images. On top of that, they have mentioned extra perks like free returns, exchanges, and a 30-day wellness guarantee to give some reasons to choose their brand over others.

The newsletter is not big, yet it has enough information for subscribers to favor the brand and fall for the offer.

Email from PSD2HTML

Email from PSD2HTML

Although Easter falls at the end of March 2024, April is still considered a month of Christian festivities. So, we could not help but showcase one of its email marketing campaigns. We will examine the newsletter from PSD2HTML and their original and captivating take on one of the beloved customs of Easter, the egg hunt.

The email invites subscribers to take part in a true treasure quest. The team skillfully used email marketing to drive traffic to their website, hiding prizes there. As for the prize, you may see how the team highlighted a staggering $200 – no one can miss such generosity. Placed right at the top of the email, it naturally drives attention and gives customers valid reasons to follow this lead magnet.

In addition, the team created the proper atmosphere and put everyone in a festival mood with a fantastic Easter-inspired design. It is crucial to note that the email includes only an invitation, a discount, and visuals — less is more.

Email from The Iconic

Email from The Iconic

With turbulent weather during the season’s first month, April is rightfully considered the true spring month full of warmth and sunny days. So why not create an email campaign to celebrate this? Check out the email from The Iconic to get some valid insights.

The email from the leading fashion retailer company in Australia drags everyone into a spring mood with its powerful spirit of rejuvenation and renewal. The campaign aims to introduce a new collection that meets customers’ needs of refreshing their wardrobe and keeping up with the weather changes. For this, the team has showcased the best products in the range. They have also added promo banners and mentioned the shop’s benefits, including free shipping on orders over $50.

Notably, the spring atmosphere is reflected mostly through products, white-and-blue coloring, and a generous amount of fresh air. This simple yet effective tactic perfectly resonates with a male audience.

Email from Pact

Email from Pact

Earth Day is one of the significant events in April. Although it is not as popular and joyful as April Fool’s Day, with growing concerns around companies being socially and environmentally responsible, it is a perfect opportunity to cement your position in the market, raise awareness, and even treat your customers for their support and loyalty. The email from Pact demonstrates this in practice.

The brand has commemorated this holiday through the site-wide sale without sounding cynical. The email starts by stressing the observance and drawing attention to the cause. Then, it features the company’s environmentally friendly ways of running a business to prove to the community that they support this event, not just in words. Finally, it has a discount, appreciating those who take this holiday seriously.

Using beautiful nature-inspired illustrations, the team makes this holiday bright rather than sad, inspiring customers to take part in the cause and treat themselves as responsible residents of the Planet.

The best thing about this email is that it works for every niche as long as your company follows sustainable and socially responsible practices.

Email from Quizlet

Email from Quizlet

This is another April email example dedicated to the sale event. Though, no surprises, mid-season is perfect for promoting products or services relevant to what people are doing. Addressing their needs can prove the brand’s value and generate much-needed conversions.

Quizlet’s email demonstrates this in practice. As April is a month of vigorous studying since final exams are fast approaching, the team could not help but capitalize on that; more so, their expertise lies in improving the learning process.

There is no better time to run a sales event and email marketing to inform customers about that. As you can see, their email does exactly that. It announces a sales event with a huge discount. Plus, it features the benefits to encourage customers to upgrade to premium accounts.

The best part is that it is not a regular, boring promo. It is an April-infused digital blast that radiates spring vibes and warmth at all fronts, lightening customers’ moods and leaving a strong positive impression. This friendly and easy atmosphere naturally increases conversions.


April is one of the most anticipated months of the year. As the middle child of the season, it witnesses warm, sunny weather and blossoming nature, inviting everyone to enjoy real spring. This could not but affect customers and their behavior patterns. People are becoming more active in their lifestyle and daily routine, including shopping. They are getting more eager to participate in events and fall for email marketing campaigns, opening golden opportunities for brands to fuel their email marketing engine.

When played smart, April could become a much-needed boost for raising revenue in the second quarter. All you need to do is to plan your calendar and follow the best practices in email marketing.

Start with analyzing your target audience. This knowledge will help you choose events and observances that align with your brand identity and, most importantly, resonate with subscribers and speak directly to their needs and expectations. Do not focus only on one-day holidays: consider week- and month-long celebrations, since they can be quite productive.

Afterward, create a spring-themed email design in Postcards email builder to benefit from the positive impression of spring vibes, check it in Unspam email spam checker to increase your deliverability rate, and run your campaigns using the reliable ESP to get right into the inbox.

We have collected the most popular questions related to April email campaigns and are trying to respond to you concisely.

What do you write in an April newsletter?

A proper April newsletter could be as varied as something spring-linked, or even carrying a piece about the awareness of Earth Day, or financial advice concerning getting ready for the tax season in countries where it would be appropriate, not to mention quite important holidays/events that would be taking place this month. This could include news from the community or the company, an article or more information, the events that are expected, the new employees who are in place, or any other seasonal tips or advice that may be current.

What should be included in an April newsletter?

Some of the probable contents in an April newsletter cover spring activities, Earth Day activities, and how to be more sustainable; some seasonal recipes or fashion; information on the changes at the company or organization and its members; and other information on events happening.

How can an April newsletter effectively engage its audience?

To succeed with effective audiences, all April newsletters are supposed to include some type of interactive option, such as a survey or contest, visually interesting graphics or photographs referring to spring, content ethnically tailor-made for the interest and certain needs of that customer, a clear call to action, and informative yet short articles that make your e-newsletter worth reading.

What seasonal themes or events should be highlighted in an April newsletter?

Some good potential discussion points around these particular months in April could revolve around spring renewal, growth, and sustainability initiatives. In these cases, events that are local with corresponding activities or observances around Days that are pivotal to the community will be featured, along with springtime get-togethers that include gardening tips or other outdoor activities appropriate for this time of year. It also is a good time to bundle in any observations or holidays that usually go together with April.

What are the best practices for structuring an April newsletter?

The five things to be in mind when making an April newsletter are: an engaging and direct header, balance in text and visuals, consistency in theme, easy to navigate, and a flow of information that goes from important updates down to fluffs or informative content.

The powerful closing statement or call to action is then followed by contact details or any other information, further engaging the audience.

How can an April newsletter incorporate user feedback or interaction?

This commonly encompasses ways through which to include users’ feedback or interaction, hence whether it is calling up readers to submit their own stories, questions or photos, hosting of polls or survey that will call up opinions from people, readers onto events around the corner or even encouraging them onto participating in competitions. By providing means for feedback such as comments section and email for responses, interaction is encouraged.

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