115+ Professional High Resolution Free Wood Textures

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Though there are various types of textures used in web designing, the wood textures are one of the most suitable that can fit any type of web-related projects. Basically, these free textures are pretty nice and the wood elements could very well suit any environmental or nature-related concepts. There is a huge variety of textures available online that could give an excellent style and look to your websites. Over the last few years, in the latest trend of the web designing fields, the textures and patterns play a vital role for personal as well as for business websites.

And recently it has become quite popular to use wood textures in the websites as backgrounds which gives visually a creative look. Certain individuals even would love to use these wooden elements in their logo designs or in the buttons. There are a huge collection of premium and free textures available from which you can choose the best one for your websites. In various centuries, wood has been used for various purposes by numerous people and in the current century, it is being used by web designers as applications for their web designing projects to make it more lively and attractive.

By using wood textures, it has become a unique way of attracting online visitors. With the right hue and texture, we can improve the design of the website and always remember the wrong combination of the textures and colors could make the website more lifeless and dull. To avoid such hassles, you can choose one of the best textures from the various collections available online. Because of this reason, the wood is used widely in all fields like in interior designing, architecture, web designing and many more.

Such attributes of wood cannot be felt in any other type of textures and patterns. Since it is more intimate, it gives a personal touch to the visitors. The graphic artists or web designers create beautiful and awesome designs with the right blending of wooden patterns and textures. Using textures is one of the best ways to add character to any web designing. There are massive collections of wood textures found online created by talented designers and artists and you can decide to choose one for your projects.

High-Resolution Wood Textures

Bg Texture – wood

Bg Texture – wood by Nortage comes in a relatively small 540px x 600px resolution that makes it an excellent choice for creating lightweight background images. It is painted in a luxury dark brown shade that radiates of elegance and chic.

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Dark Wood Texture Pack

Dark Wood Texture Pack by Cloaks comprises more than ten carefully treated wood textures presented in a grayscale mode. There are different variations of the parquet floor. The free version is available in 800px X 600px and 1024px X 768px resolutions. If you are required this bunch for commercial purposes or just need a higher quality of images, contact the author.

45 Wood Textures

45 Wood Textures by Jammurch are delivered in JPEG format, and 1280px X 960px resolution. They are refined and clean. The package covers professionally crafted textures in various coloring including the traditional warm beige, extravagant pinkish and neutral gray. You will find images of the trim floor, a close-up picture of a piece of wood and others.

Wood Texture

Wood Texture by SilensTemplum conveys a warm experience thanks to orange tone applied to the surface. There is only one texture yet it has a standard resolution of 1804px X 1482px that is suitable for a great deal of UIs. It is licensed under CC 3.0.

Wood uncut

Wood uncut by borysses consists of ten seamless vigilantly imitated textures. Each one has

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  • a 96dpi resolution;
  • 1024px x1024px size;
  • JPEG format.

Some of them look polished others have flaws that produce a more natural outward. Though the set is available free of charge, yet you are still obligated to credit the author.

Wood Textures

Wood Textures by nureen-REStock in a dark red look exceptionally good and classy. They let add luxury appeal to any design. There are two textures presented in a pretty great resolution. Note, before putting it into practice, get acquainted with the particular Terms of Use.

Wood texture

Wood texture by Shadowh3 is marked by various imperfections, abrasion marks and even nails on the bottom that give the product an original and authentic look. The drawback lies in a resolution: it is quite small, just 512px x512px. However, it can be adopted as a repeated pattern for a background.

Wood CSS Pack

The package includes not only images but also predefined CSS templates of Journal and Gallery that members of DeviantArt will certainly appreciate. The code works in Firefox and Opera. The contents are free for personal and open source projects.

Wood floor

Wood floor by gnrbishop has a smooth and sleek appearance. Thanks to light coloring it exudes an image of cleanness and sophistication. The author gives away wallpaper created from this neatly treated floor pattern that is available in 1024px X 768px resolution.

Local Texture: Three by One

The file comprises just one image. It displays three planks of wood placed horizontally one after another that are densely packed together. The author is managed to save scratches and natural defects of the material surface to make it look highly realistic. The resolution of 1944px X 1296px is big enough to meet various needs.


Texture by ResurgidaResources is licensed under Creative Commons. There is one close-up image of a warm red wood texture that boasts of a high quality.

Wood Texture 3

Wood Texture 3 by Rifificz is a set of neatly arranged together vertical planks that are enriched with some natural imperfections. Warm brown coloring enhances the appearance. The image has an enormous 3150px X 2500px resolution and weighs more than six Megabyte. You are welcome to use it in both personal and commercial designs.

Seamless Wood Pattern 01

Seamless Wood Pattern 01 by Naomi Rubin is another texture that features several vertical planks separated by slots. It perfectly reflects the nature of the material, carefully highlighting all its tiny cracks and holes. It is available under Attribution Creative Common license.

Wood Texture

Wood Texture by Deiby is a typical picture of hard floor parquet. It is delivered in

  • 4288px X 2848px resolution;
  • 300 dpi;
  • 5 MB size;
  • JPEG format.

Note, the photo shot does not undergo any changes or manipulations, it is an original version.

Wood Texture – Purgo

Wood Texture – Purgo by Jared Cornwall is a close-up image of a light and classic piece of wood that is marked by some natural touches. The source file is quite large, so it fits numerous designs, from website backgrounds to posters and artworks. Be aware, it is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial.

Wood Texture

Wood Texture by Truefreestyle shows the hard fibrous material with light coloring and the sleek surface on a large scale. It is available in a relatively high resolution 3008px X 2000 px. Before using it, read special rules formulated by the author.

Wood Texture

Wood Texture by Petr Kovar depicts a group of horizontal planks of different width that are neatly placed together. This high-quality photo of a hard wood floor laminate is presented in a marvelous brown coloring with all the natural scratches and abrasion spots.

Wood Texture 4

Wood Texture 4 by Rifificz has a dark coloring and almost worn lacquer. However, being slightly improved with the help of Photoshop it looks outstanding. Thanks to a relatively significant resolution of 2500px X 1875px, it is generic and applicable for a large number of projects. As usual, it is free for personal and commercial use.

Wood Texture

Wood Texture by Melstock is a photo skillfully taken at close range. Although it does not have an enormous size, yet it is still superb. It correctly displays the surface of the pale piece of wood, showing the depth and structure of the material.

Wood2 Texture Stock

Much like the previous example, the author offers a close-up image of a block of raw wood that magnetizes with its intricate anatomy and trails left by the wind and water. It is featured in 2000px X 3008 px resolution and can be freely used under some conditions.

Wood Texture with 5 Colors

Wood Texture with five Colors by Elemis looks bright, polished and increasingly organic. While you are welcome to choose from predefined color schemes, you can always use filters of any professional image editor to make these wood strips meet the primary color scheme of the UI. It has a quite large dimension that can undergo changes without losing quality.

Wood Textures ver 1

The pack includes six excellent, professionally treated wooden surfaces ranging from light pale parquet and ending with a rich mahogany laminate. Each picture has a 2700 px X 1800 px size and is free to benefit both personal and commercial projects.

Wood board

Wood Board by borysses is a small collection of ten neatly reproduced textures. Thanks to the standard size and well-thought-out dot density it is an excellent tool for enriching backgrounds, crafting wallpapers and finishing off artworks. They are available as JPEG files; the only thing you have to do is to credit the author with a link.


There are two ways of getting a realistic and high-quality wood texture. The first one is to make a professional photo-shoot that either can be polished with the help of the software or just be left as it is, and the second one is to imitate the surface of the material via filters and basic tools available in Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch. There are followers of both solutions so that we have collected freebies from both categories to provide you with different instruments.

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