30+ Excellent Examples of Large (Big) Typography in Web Design

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Typography is the crucial part of a web design. It is present in most of the parts of the design; hence one should pay attention to how it is used and whether it is suitable for the theme of the website.

Some designers have bad choices of typography for the websites they build; thinking that over the top typography would impress, or they just choose an unsuitable font for the theme of the website. It does take some time to choose the suitable font, size, color and layout for a website but with practice and patience, you will get successful.

Typography has always been important in websites, but the new trend is to use large typography. Bigger fonts are always eye-catching so if you want your visitors to pay attention to certain parts of your website, then big fonts might help you out in this situation. Big typography looks good in most of the cases, but then again, try not to overdo it, as you might end up messing up the layout of your website. The best thing is to get inspired from successful designs that have used big typography. You will get a better understanding with this set of large typography designs. Enjoy and get inspired!

Large (Big) Typography in Web Design


Giant Creative

polar gold



Daniel Hellier



Hull Digital Live





Rich Brown

Me In Motion

Make Photoshop Faster


Digital Podge



John Cusack



Notorious Design


Roger Burkhard


1 Comment
  1. Hannah Hurst Feb 16, 2:38 pm

    I absolutely love the new trend of large typography in web design! Its eye catching and definitely draws your attention, however it may not be suitable for all websites. Like you said it takes time to choose the correct style, colour and size of typography that is most suited to your website design and large typography can be over done.

    The examples you have given are great and definitely inspiring for experimenting with the use of large typography. Thanks for sharing.

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